Let me set the scene. Your business has a website and it cost you some money to build. When you were in the planning stages of designing the site, you had some objectives that you wanted it to achieve so be honest with yourself for one minute; now that it’s up and running, is it doing what you set it out to do?

As a retail business expert, you have more than enough to do and the thought of reading the rest of this article may be making you a little wary. With a never ending to-do list, your time is precious and you’re wondering if reading this article further is going to add yet another job to that list…

But you see the thing is, that a website with no support won’t help your business grow. It will be more of a hindrance than a help. However, get yourself a good website and pair it with the right digital marketing strategy, your site will become your best friend.

Here’s are three simple things to consider when looking at the effectiveness of your current website…


1. Is your website generating sales?

Now this may sound obvious but have a think. Over the past month, how many sales have you had online? Then think about how many enquiries you’ve had that have come directly from your website. Do you track where these leads and sales come from? If not, then start doing that immediately. 

Once you know the journey your customers have been on before they came to you, you’ll know where (and where not!) to invest your resource in order to generate more.


2. Is Google ranking your site well on search results pages?

A main online lead source for any website is organic traffic. These are the listings in the main section of results when you search on Google and, did you know, that roughly 60% of users click on these links?

Here’s the catch though; your site will only rank you at the top of the results if Google rates your website is deemed ‘relevant’. Good content, links to your website from other reputable places and your sites level of user-friendliness are all contributing factors when it comes to how high you appear in Google’s results.

See where you appear. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers. You’re looking for a business that does what you do but you don’t know any by name. What would search for? Type it in. Does your business appear on page one? 75% of users never scroll past the first page of results so the higher you appear, the more sales you are likely to get.

If you want to learn a bit more about your business’ visibility potential in Google, take a look here.


3. Do you want/need more than just organic sales?

Maybe organic leads just aren’t enough. Maybe you can handle and want to handle more.

Well, there’s another clever tool you can use to help boost your websites visibility. Paid advertising online (pay-per-click), allows you to pick keywords that best describe what it is your business does and the locations you are interested in driving traffic from and then Google will ensure your website appears at the very top of any search results page above the organic rankings.

Pay-per-click adverts are a really effective way to drive traffic and leads your way – plus you can increase your spend, or shut it off altogether depending on how much traffic you need. The budget is in your hands.

These considerations are a good starting point and hopefully provide some food for thought. In the meantime, why not put your website through it’s paces in Creare's free Digital Health Check? Just enter your URL and let the tool produce a report that shows you what’s working with your site as well as giving you some tips and tricks on how it could be improved to help your business grow.


Are you pleased with the way your website drives leads? Have you got any experience using PPC as a retailer? Drop us a comment below to get involved in the discussion.

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About the Author

Hannah Green is Head of Marketing at Creare where she writes content on useful topics for SMEs. Creare provide digital marketing solutions and are passionate about empowering businesses to grow and achieve greatness. With support, tools, advice and guidance at hand, Creare provide a solution that small businesses can take hold of and run with.