Purchase order processing is something that a surprising number of small businesses don't do properly. Often it's seen as a hassle, or something for the accountant or bookkeeper. Not so! Purchase Order processing is an essential part of any retailer or wholesaler's day to day operations.


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Even if you place orders on the phone (it’s nice to talk to the lovely salesperson at the other end), or using your supplier’s B2B portal, it’s important to also enter it into Brightpearl for a number of reasons.

We’ve written an article that sheds some light on the importance of Purchase Orders. Click here to download 13 reasons why placing purchase orders is important.

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About the Author

Having grown and sold two businesses, Chris is vastly experienced in the nature of small businesses and ecommerce, and has a business owner’s insight into the needs of an SME business. Chris studied at the University of Sheffield and has a MSc in Electronic Engineering; he started his first company at the age of 21. Being frustrated by a patchwork of traditional systems such as Sage, ACT! and OS-Commerce, but lacking the budget for the options available, Chris went on to develop Brightpearl. Chris keeps one eye on the wind and is always ready to kite-surf, although he mostly loves to work.