Do you often go to trade shows and find them hard work? Do you find it tough having to do so much admin work when you return to the office?

To help take the stress out of trade shows, we’ve highlighted the top 3 benefits of using an offline ordering App.


3 Benefits of Offline Ordering Apps


1. Save time – give yourself a break (and forget manual order entry)

Using an offline ordering App can save you and your buyers a lot of time and money.

According to a recent survey by ReChannel, on average most brands spend 1.5 weeks inputting orders they have gathered from each trade show – given some brands go to many events per season, this time could be spent much more productively.

Trade shows are also hard work – you come away exhausted. You’ve been on the road for many days, you’ve returned home shattered and now you have to return to the office to confirm orders and enter them into Brightpearl.

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to spend so much time on data entry at your busiest time of the year? With an offline ordering App, you can take orders at trade shows or showrooms, even when you’re without internet.

Your orders will automatically synchronise with your inventory management software when you’re near WiFi again, and your buyers will receive an email, confirming the order with an Excel and PDF copy of the order, as well as a link to that order.


2. Quicker order confirmations (and less mistakes)

If your buyers can immediately get an email confirming their order, you shorten the time it takes to confirm orders.

Not only do your buyers no longer need to wait for you to confirm the order via email, but both you and your buyers can be on the same page. You are then able to review and discuss the same order online after the show.

Do you often struggle with different versions of the same order? Can managing orders make your blood boil sometimes?

With offline ordering Apps, you can forget about the ping-pong game of confirming orders via many different emails and Excel forms.

Choose an offline ordering App that enables you and the buyer to begin the ordering process on the same page…meaning less frustration, less errors and more time to recover from a busy few days on the road.


3. More elegant presentation of products (and your brand)

Do you ever think your sales material for trade shows and for the showroom could be improved? Do you often throw away loads of old boxes of unused lookbooks and linesheets?

With an offline ordering App, you can save £1,000s per year on print and design costs…with just your iPad, making travel much lighter.

If you do need to print off paper linesheets, you can customize printable linesheets with some offline ordering Apps, including ReChannel, using all the data you already have from your inventory management software…so you can spend more time preparing for your busy few days on the road.

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About the Author

Luke founded ReChannel in 2012 to simplify the way brands sell to ReChannel. With over 10,000 retailers using ReChannel to place orders, Luke loves helping clients escape the frustrations of excel and paper orders.