The need for SMBs to have a real insight in to their inventory and customer buying behaviour is essential not only to compete with larger retailers but to inform business decisions.

Subsequently, retailers need to understand which KPI’s to track and how to fully utilize raw data. However, it is particularly time consuming, and stressful, to extract and interpret meaningful data from a number of systems. Indeed, data being spread across multiple systems results in time being wasted selecting and calculating meaningful data amongst ‘data noise.’ 

Brightpearl Insights gives SMB retailers fully integrated access to BI Software that can inform the basis of strategies and set accurate benchmarks. This software also makes decision making 5x faster by selecting the most useful data and displaying it in one place. 

In this webinar, Joe Mitchell from Brightpearl, Dominik Wittch and Ingmar Zechlin from minubo and joint customer Will Miles, Managing Director of VeloBrands will be discussing which KPI’s to monitor and demonstrate how Brightpearl Insights can help simplify this process. 

  • What business decisions are informed by Business Intelligence (BI) 
  • The KPIs you should be tracking to run a successful retail operation
  • What reports independent retailer, VeloBrands, have used to become a $5m company - and growing! 

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About the Author

Grainne is the Head of Campaigns at Brightpearl and leads the execution of Brightpearl's global campaign strategy. Having worked in the retail tech space for five years, learning more about how technology can help retailers grow is a huge topic of interest.