Ciaran Cushley of Brightpearl led this webinar, which featured guests Scott Weavers-Wright, former founder of and co-founder of Haatch, an investor and digital retail incubator, and Rory O’connor, CEO of Scurri.

The focus of this webinar was to provide an in-depth look into how platforms such as Brightpearl and Scurri can help retailers scale their business by streamlining their inventory management and delivery operations to be fully prepared for the Christmas season.

Scott kicked things off by telling his story, the rise of his career in building businesses, all of which was highly credited to foresight, savvy, risk taking and making continual investments in technology. 

After acquiring Kiddicare, he turned this retail company making a few million a year into a multi-channel organisation generating over £45 million in annual revenue, which was then acquired by Morrisons in 2011.

“Clearly, when you have the right solutions, you have a competitive advantage,” stated Scott. “We’ve used technology to enable the business to provide great customer service.” It also allowed him to run a lean operation, where inventory spent less time on the shelves, was managed by less staff and in a more efficient manner, and deliveries catered to customer needs, locations and product. 

Ciaran demonstrated how the Brightpearl and Scurri integration can help retailers operate their businesses more effectively and strategically, taking attendees through the process, from order placement, to inventory view and shipment screens.

Then Rory presented Scurri’s three-pronged approach to their cloud-based delivery management solution, which is a) Simple to use, b) Scalable to support business growth and multi-carrier options, and c) allows retailers to provide Service that meets and exceeds customer’s expectations.

Mapping out how Scurri and Brightpearl work seamlessly together, Rory also cited how one customer, WeDo, spent six hours a day logging into a 100 carrier accounts to process deliveries and labels. The Scurri platform enabled them to significantly reduce administration requirements and eliminated processes so WeDo could focus on improving and scaling their business.

Watch the webinar: How to Easily Scale and Streamline Your Deliveries BEFORE the Christmas Season.

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