All retailers and wholesalers should be constantly testing and optimizing their operations in order to improve. Whilst this might sound like a lot of tricky number crunching and late nights hunched over a spreadsheet, in truth it doesn't have to be.

That's why we teamed up with ecommerce fulfillment experts James & James to dive into 3 key ways that you can better control and optimize your retail operations. In this short webinar, we reveal the techniques and tips used by successful growing retailers.

With these techniques you can transform your business, driving up profitability and taking the strain off your overworked staff. You'll learn:

  1. How to work out your opportunity cost of stock
  2. How to rationalise your SKUs for maximum profit
  3. What cloud based live systems are great for getting more accurate (and practically useful) data.

Armed with these insights you can take your business forward, driving profits and automating manual work. Check the webinar out below!

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About the Author

Grainne is the Head of Campaigns at Brightpearl and leads the execution of Brightpearl's global campaign strategy. Having worked in the retail tech space for five years, learning more about how technology can help retailers grow is a huge topic of interest.