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Insights from Alex Monroe: How to Connect with Today's Customer Expectations

Written by Grainne Shaughnessy on 18 May 2017

Alex Monroe have taken the world of fashion by storm with their handmade, quirky jewellery; sold on their own website, in their London-based flagship boutique and within various retail outlets around the world such as Liberty, John Lewis and Harper’s Emporium.

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Reduce Risks with EDI: The Top Tips for Success [Webinar]

Written by Kenny Johnson on 27 March 2017

Many small to mid-sized retailers shy away from implementing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) within their business, it’s often believed to be something only their larger competitors can benefit from. However, EDI is becoming increasingly popular with small to mid-sized retailers and it’s easy to see why.

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Streamline your business: 9 top tips for retail success [Webinar Infographic]

Written by Beth Motherwell on 23 February 2017


The retail industry is constantly evolving, and there’s been a huge shift in consumer buying habits, retail businesses are becoming reliant on automation and multichannel strategies to survive.

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Accelerate your business: Hear top tips for retail success

Written by Beth Motherwell on 16 February 2017


Managing a successful retail business in today’s ever changing landscape can be hard. Consumer buying habits are evolving and retail businesses are becoming heavily reliant on automation and omnichannel strategies. This makes retail technology, and ensuring you choose the right technology, more crucial than ever before.

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Holiday Season Secrets to Retail Success [Infographic]

Written by Danielle Ricketts on 11 November 2016

The holiday season can be extremely stressful for independent retailers, but with the increase in footfall across your bricks and mortar store, rise in traffic on your ecommerce website, and boost in searches across marketplaces, the festive shopping period offers incredible opportunities for omnichannel merchants to increase sales and achieve retail success.

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5 Tips to Prepare For a Successful, Stress Free Holiday Season

Written by Nicole Leinbach Reyhle on 03 November 2016
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More Top Tips for Retail Success: Grow Faster with an Omnichannel Strategy

Written by Matthew Bruun on 17 October 2016

We speak to our 1000+ retail and wholesale customers every day and they are generous enough to share their secrets for success with us. We also see the common traits of our fastest growing customers.  We recently distilled this into a simple list of hot tips for retail success.

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Small Business Funding for Retail

Written by Grainne Shaughnessy on 12 October 2016

When it’s time to expand your business that often means raising capital to make it possible, but raising finance for a retail business isn’t easy.

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Spikeball from Shark Tank Discuss Multichannel Retail Strategy [Webinar]

Written by Grainne Shaughnessy on 24 March 2016

Spikeball is a sport, a community, a product, and a fast growing retail business. Best described as the love child of volleyball and four square, the sport has a community of over half a million players worldwide. As seen on the hit U.S. TV show Shark Tank, they were backed by Daymond John with a $500,000 investment to support the awe-inspiring business.

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[Webinar] 3 ways to control inventory and warehousing to optimize your retail operations

Written by Grainne Shaughnessy on 09 September 2015

All retailers and wholesalers should be constantly testing and optimizing their operations in order to improve. Whilst this might sound like a lot of tricky number crunching and late nights hunched over a spreadsheet, in truth it doesn't have to be.

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