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9 Ways You Can Optimize Your Retail Operations [Infographic]

Written by Justine Cross on 24 May 2017

Whether your current focus is on improving the supply chain, store layout, inventory management or pricing (including discounts and sales), it’s vital that your retail operations are in ship shape, to help keep your business functioning successfully and efficiently.

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Returned Inventory: How to Have the Best Returns Process for Your Business

Written by Justin Press on 22 May 2017

With 89% of American shoppers claiming they would shop again from an online store if treated to a positive returns process, we know that streamlined and hassle-free returns are a great competitive differentiator. For the modern retailer focused on growth, a streamlined returned inventory process should not be an afterthought, but be at the forefront of any growth activities and strategies. So, how do you implement and improve your returns processes without reducing your margins?

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Returned Inventory: What do Your Customers Want & What do You Need?

Written by Justin Press on 12 May 2017

When planning for growth, it’s likely that you’re thinking about systems, process and people to deal with an increase in order volumes. Sadly, returns processing is generally an afterthought. This is the same for most modern retailers, who spend limited time thinking about how they can build a straightforward returned inventory process that results in a better experience for both the customer and themselves.

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When it Comes to Retail Innovation, Don't Put the Cart Before the Horse

Written by Derek O'Carroll on 08 May 2017

It's easy to get enticed by the latest news on how artificial intelligence will revolutionize retail or how consumers are clamoring for AR-based mcommerce apps. While it’s smart to follow and track “the future of retail discussions”, it’s just as important to live in the now. SMEs need to ensure their business is running smoothly and profitably before spending capital and resources on touchscreen mirrors in changing rooms.

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Why is Inventory Management Important to Modern Retailers?

Written by Justine Cross on 24 April 2017

The retail industry is always constantly evolving and as a modern retailer, you need to be consistently adapting your strategies, workflows and processes to ensure you’re keeping up. This includes how you manage your inventory.

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Be Honest: How Well is Your Ecommerce Website Performing?

Written by Justine Cross on 13 April 2017

With online sales throughout the U.S, Canada and Western Europe expected to reach a total of $288.63 billion by the end of 2017 - an increase of 14.2% from last year alone - it’s safe to say that your ecommerce website is your treasure trove for omnichannel retail success.

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5 Reasons Every Retailer Needs to Be Using an Integrated POS

Written by Nicole Leinbach Reyhle on 21 March 2017

Retailers are among the busiest professionals – with a to-do-list that’s never ending and inventory that’s always rotating. Understandably, merchants get busy and as a result, sometimes overlook valuable ways to strengthen their business. Among them? Introducing a point-of-sale system to their store. Whether it’s due to lack of time, lack of interest or lack of knowledge, a POS system should be at the top of every retailer’s to-do-list if it already isn’t a part of their store operations.

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5 Tips to Increase Brand Engagement Through Packaging

Written by Cory Levins on 10 March 2017

One of the hot topics right now in the business world is brand engagement. Although there are differing definitions of engagement, it describes the process through which an emotional memory (or connection) is formed between the consumer and the brand of the company (the brand refers to a feature of the company that makes them unique within their space).

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Cloud vs on premise: What do your customers think?

Written by Stuart Pick on 10 February 2017

If you’re debating whether cloud vs on premise software is right for your business, then before concluding that this argument is won or lost based on the costs alone, you should also consider the pace at which the world is changing around us from a consumer perspective. It’s frightening but exciting at the same time.

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The Power of SEO and Automation: Highlights from our Birmingham Meetup

Written by Beth Motherwell on 02 February 2017

At our first customer meet up of 2017, Brightpearl retailers came together to share insights, swap stories and enjoy some good food and drink. A huge thank you to everyone who attended, for those who couldn’t make it this time around, we’ve compiled some of the highlights of the evening below.

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