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How to Take Your Business Beyond Shop Doors with a Mobile POS

Written by Kenny Johnson on 19 May 2017

Tablet based point of sale is becoming the predominate solution for retail brick and mortar locations. And with good reason! Mobile point of sale hardware is relatively cheap when compared to fixed, proprietary hardware and allows for delightfully designed apps which can be up and running in minutes.

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The Future of Ecommerce: Expert Insights from BigCommerce

Written by Danielle Ricketts on 11 May 2017

When you look at ecommerce statistics like how worldwide ecommerce sales are expected to reach over $4 trillion by 2020, that 80% of Americans have made an online purchase in the last month alone, and how the ecommerce industry continues to grow by 23% year-over-year; it’s hard not to get blown away by how ecommerce dominates the retail industry. That leads to the question of “what does the future of ecommerce really look like?”.

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When should I make the move to Magento 2?

Written by Phoebe Haig on 04 May 2017

The upgrade to one of the world’s biggest ecommerce platforms Magento, was released at the end of 2015, and whilst uptake to migrate has been positive from the beginning; some retailers are still asking - is it worth it? And when should I make the move? Digital Agency JH, and Magento Enterprise Solution Partners, offer some answers.

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Spring Cleaning for Your Retail Business: 5 Tips to Help Your Store Shine

Written by Nicole Leinbach Reyhle on 26 April 2017

As Winter quickly passes and Spring slowly comes to life, consumers and retailers alike can look forward to longer days, propped retail doors and new inventory to takeover store shelves. Unlike an official start of a new season on the calendar, however, retailers have the luxury of slowly transitioning into Spring from Winter – allowing them to gradually update their store merchandising, displays, operations and overall store health. Keeping this in mind, aim to refresh and bring renewal to your store along the way as you welcome Spring into your business strategy. To help? Consider these five tips.

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Pop-Up Shops: Beyond the Basics to Help Temporary Stores Thrive

Written by Nicole Leinbach Reyhle on 12 April 2017

The term “pop-up” isn’t new to retail, yet how pop-up storefronts have evolved over the years continues to introduce new ways to excel at them. Identifying the right location, positioning a pop-up near like-minded yet non-competitive businesses and marketing your pop-up to your target audience are all key components to achieving pop-up store success. But what else can you do to help strengthen your pop-up storefront experience?

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5 Actionable Tips for Your Omnichannel Retail Strategy

Written by Justine Cross on 05 April 2017

From brick and mortar stores to mobile phones, online shops and text message marketing, retail isn’t what it used to be. With so many different shopping avenues that a customer has access to before making a purchase; the question is no longer if you should adopt omnichannel selling strategies, but rather how to do so effectively.

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Maximize Your Retail Business Success: 10 Tips for a Great Ecommerce Website [Infographic]

Written by Justine Cross on 04 April 2017

Data from the Social Science Research Network has advised in the past that 65% of the population learn visually. This has since sparked a flurry of marketing and online debate based on visual learning and why infographics and images are speaking much louder volumes than just text alone. And with all of this debate happening throughout the world, we are very quickly being labelled as visual beings.

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10 Omnichannel Retail Strategies to Connect with Customers [Infographic]

Written by Danielle Ricketts on 20 February 2017

Connecting with customers has never been easier. The digital age offers a vast number of ways to reach and communicate with your audience. With the majority of shoppers experiencing multiple touch-points before buying, it’s important to show your presence across a number of channels and offer a consistent customer journey throughout. This infographic includes the top 10 omnichannel strategies your business should adopt.

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Understanding The Omnichannel Retail Customer Journey [Infographic]

Written by Danielle Ricketts on 09 February 2017

The way in which consumers buy from retailers is constantly changing and recently, it’s rapidly evolved with an increase in the adoption of omnichannel retail strategies. The customer journey has become less predictable. It’s become more difficult for merchants to offer the consistent and excellent customer experience that consumers expect.

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5 Retail Marketing Tips to Help You Thrive in 2017

Written by Nicole Leinbach Reyhle on 18 January 2017

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