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Market Insight

Looking to 2019: Emerging Ecommerce Trends

By Megan Miller on 17 January 2019

Market Insight

Looking Forward: 3 Retail Predictions Expected in the Year Ahead

By Nicole Leinbach Reyhle on 14 January 2019

Market Insight, Infographic

The 2019 Retail Calendar: Key dates you need to know about as a retail business in 2019

By Justine Cross on 02 January 2019

Market Insight

Reflecting on Retail: 5 Lessons Learned from 2018 That Can Help Merchants in the Year Ahead

By Nicole Leinbach Reyhle on 10 December 2018

Market Insight, Omnichannel

Four Experts Reflect on the 'Serial Returner' Problem

By Mark Hook on 05 December 2018

Market Insight

The Returns Battlefield: Round-Up

By Mark Hook on 24 October 2018

Infographic, Market Insight

Revealed: Worst UK Region for “Serial Returners” [Infographic]

By Stuart Pick on 08 October 2018

Market Insight

Social Sharing is Down in 2018: What Can Retailers Do About It?

By Michael Quoc on 28 September 2018

Operational Efficiency, Market Insight

5 Delivery Trends Everyone is Talking About

By Limor Wainstein on 14 September 2018

Market Insight

What’s next for the luxury sector? Key learnings from the Luxury Redefined event

By Derek O'Carroll on 13 August 2018

Operational Efficiency, Market Insight

Try-Before-You-Buy Trend is Causing ‘Returns Tsunami’

By Derek O'Carroll on 30 April 2018

What's New at Brightpearl, Market Insight

GDPR: What it is & what Brightpearl is doing in response to it

By Richard Rattlidge on 20 March 2018

Market Insight, Operational Efficiency

Festive Retail Data Reveals Where Automation is Needed

By Duncan Clark on 17 January 2018

Market Insight

The Five Retail Trends That Almost Certainly, Probably Won't Happen in 2018

By Derek O'Carroll on 08 January 2018