Brightpearl partners with Sagepay as our payment services provider. In this guest blog post, they offer some useful insight for you, regarding how to convert more customers on your website and make it as easy as possible for them to pay.  Find out more about our special offer with Sagepay.

Opening an online store can be a daunting process. CRM, stock control, invoicing and purchase order management can be a lot to think about when looking to ecommerce to sell your goods. Luckily, our Partner Brightpearl are taking the pain out of all of these business operations with their streamlined system, allowing retailers of all sizes to free up their resources and concentrate on maximising those all-important conversion rates.

Earlier this year we put together our e-business benchmark report, which showed that only 7% of website visitors end up completing a purchase. So, once you’ve got customers to your site, how do you keep them interested, enticed and assured enough to get them to the checkout? Once a shopper has hit your website and found exactly the product they’ve been searching for, they’ll be looking for reassurance. After all, in the online world, you ask your customers to hand over their cash before receiving any goods so you need your brand to instill trust in them.

We look at how to influence a purchase and make it easy for customers to pay, while the lovely team at Brightpearl take care of the rest! 

Here are the key things that your customers will be looking for: 

Security policy

Make sure you have a security policy detailing how you keep customers personal data secure. We found that 78% of top performers have a clear security policy on their website. 

T’s and C’s

Keep your website Terms and Conditions short and to the point, and make them easily accessible for your customers. 

Clearly displayed delivery times

Keep your customer informed of when they can expect delivery of their goods so they don’t panic if it doesn’t arrive the next day. And don’t forget, consumer expectations are at an all time high and shoppers now not only want a good deal, they want it quickly. Free or next day delivery is another vital offering to help encourage customers to place their order with you. 

Money back guarantees, special offers and loyalty schemes

These tools are a great way to encourage shoppers to buy from your site. With the economy continuing to be a challenge, consumer bargain hunting is near universal. Anecdotal evidence from our survey respondents shows us that e-tailers aren’t just pushing out special offers through their site but also via newsletters, Facebook and Twitter- rewarding those who’ve opted to ‘like’ or ‘follow’ their brand. 

An easy to use site

User testing doesn’t have to cost a fortune. 73% of respondents to our survey with above average conversion rates test their site regularly for ease of navigation. But very few were spending more than £50, proving that honest feedback from family and friends is just as useful as using a third party company.

Previous customer reviews and testimonials 

If you have case studies and quotes from happy customers then you should be shouting from the rooftops about it. No matter how much marketing you do, nothing is more effective than previous customers advocating your brand.

Contact details

One of the common mistakes made by retailers is to hide away their company contact details. Putting contact details on every page, makes it clear to the customer that you’re available to talk if they encounter any issues or problems and won’t hide behind your site. 

Customized payment pages

We found that 61% of our higher-performing e-tailers have customised their payment process to ensure a consistant look and feel from the moment a customer clicks on the site. Branded, professional-looking payment pages provide customers with the reassurance they are looking for. Even lesser known brands should link their website to their payment pages visually. The combination of your logo and the strength of a well-known payment providers brand can work well for newly established businesses.

Awards and certifications

Including any awards or certifications you have achieved reinforces the positive messaging around your brand and will help the shopper to see you as reliable and secure.

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