The 2017 Retail Calendar: Key dates you need to think about as a retail business in 2017

Written by Danielle Ricketts on 05 January 2017


Please note: We've updated our retail calendar for 2018, get all your key dates for this year here

As the new year kicks into full swing and you plan for the year ahead, knowing key dates and events which will impact your retail business can make your life so much easier. It will give you the time to strategically plan for more sales, more profit and a more successful 2017. 

The retail calendar doesn’t vary too much year-to-year but there’s plenty of dates and events retailers need to consider throughout 2017. Whether that’s making the most of recurring international holidays like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, focusing on public holidays where footfall peaks in brick-and-mortar stores, or getting out there to attend industry-specific events, trade shows and conferences. Finding your opportunity in the calendar and capitalizing on it can make a big difference to your bottom line for 2017.

For all retail businesses the seasonal peaks, busy shopping times, and types of trade shows can vary, so take a look at your order history to find previous peaks in sales or traffic to see if there’s any common patterns or trends. Then, personalize your calendar around those specific holidays and events to help you strategically plan for those important key dates.

If you’re using an all-in-one retail management system like Brightpearl, which tracks your orders, inventory, accounting, customers and more across both on and offline sales channels, you have easy access to reliable data to analyze your business performance to make better business decisions in 2017.

The most successful retailers plan in advance to get ahead of their competition and give them plenty of time to ensure they’ve got the right products in stock, marketing campaigns set up, operations in place, and promotions running. Again, understanding your business data and how your customers shop will help you decide the most effective ways to operate your business.

To help you get ahead and plan your new year strategy, we’ve pulled together this handy retail calendar of key dates in 2017 for you to download, print off and put on your wall!



Happy Retailing and we hope 2017 is your most successful year yet!




1 - New Year’s Day, Bank Holiday

15-17 - Retail’s Big Show (US)

15-18 - Giving & Living Trade Show (UK)

16 - Martin Luther King Day (US)

19 - Ecommerce Summit (UK)

25 - Burns Night (UK)

26-29 - SIA Snow Show (US)



4-8 - NY Now (US)

5-9 - Spring Fair (UK)

9-17 - New York Fashion Week

12-14 - Pure London (UK)

12-15 - Retail Supply Chain CONF (US)

14 - Valentine's day

17-21 - London Fashion Week

19-21 - Moda (UK)

21-23 - Magic (US)

23 - Fashion Connect CONF (UK)

28-8 - Paris Fashion Week



3-5 - The Baby Show (UK)

6-8 - AutoCommerce

8-9 - DX3 (Canada)

8-9 - Retail Week Live (UK)

18-21 - International Housewares (US)

19-22 - ASD Market Week (US)

21-22 - PATS (UK)

21-23 - Prosper Show (US)

26 - Mother’s Day (UK)



1 - April Fool’s Day

3-5 - Magento Imagine (US)

5-6 - eDelivery EXPO (UK)

14 - Good Friday, Bank Holiday

16 - Easter Sunday

17 - Easter Monday, Bank Holiday

17 - Patriots day (US)

18 - Tax Day (US)

20-21 - Global Retailing Conference (US)

22 - Earth Day (US)

23 - St. George’s Day (UK)



1 - May Day Bank Holiday (UK)

5 - Cinco de Mayo (US)

5-6 - Internet Retailing Expo (UK)

8-9 - RBTE (UK)

9-10 - Retail Innovation Conference (US)

14 - Mother’s Day (US, Canada & Aus)

17 - The Retail Conference (UK)

17-18 - The British Business Show (UK)

19-21 - The Baby Show (UK)

29 - Memorial Day (US)

29 - Spring Bank Holiday (UK)toy



6-9 - Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition (US)

18 - Father’s Day (US & UK)

21 - Summer Solstice

24-26 - The Toy Fair (UK)

27-28 - Magento Live (UK)



Independent retailer month

3-16 - Wimbledon (UK)

4 - Independence Day (US)

16-19 - Home & Gift (UK)


2-6 - Atlanta Apparel (US)

6-8 - Moda (UK)

28 - August Bank Holiday (UK)



Back to school (US, UK)

3-6 - Autumn Fair (UK)

4 - Labor Day (US)

10-12 - Top Drawer (UK)

11-13 - Outdoor Trade Show (UK)

11-13 - Glee (UK)

12-14 - Retail Global (US)

27-28 - eCommerce Expo (UK)



4-5 - Pay Expo (US)

9 - Canadian Thanksgiving

9 - Columbus Day (US)

16 - Boss’s Day (US)

18-19 - Internet of Retail (US)

20-22 - The Baby Show (UK)

31 - Halloween



5 - Bonfire Night (UK)

11 - Veterans’ Day (US)

11 - Single’s Day (China)

23 - Thanksgiving

24 - Black Friday

25 - Small Business Saturday (US)

27 - Cyber Monday



2 - Small Business Saturday (UK)

4 - Manic Monday

11 - Green Monday

15 - Free Shipping Day

24 - Christmas Eve, Super Saturday

25 - Christmas Day

26 - Boxing day

31 - New Years Eve


Have we missed any key dates or events that important for your business in 2017? Please do let us know in the comments section or if you enjoyed our calendar, feel free to share with your friends by using the buttons below.

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