Originating from America; Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday have become key shopping dates in the UK, so what shopping trends can we glean from UK retailers in 2015?

Over the key shopping days; Black Friday on November 27th, Cyber Monday on November 30th and Small Business Saturday UK on December 5th, we took a look at the performance of 1,200 of our current subscribers from various industries. We digged deep into the stats and analysed the number of items sold, gross merchandise value (GMV) and sales channels for all sales orders processed.

The results are in and they’re very interesting...


Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

Black Friday began to take off in the UK in 2013 when mainstream retailers, such as Asda and Amazon, offered serious discounts on products.

Our data shows there was a big jump in sales from 2013 to 2014 but 2015 stayed relatively the same as last year. Black Friday 2015 saw a 0% percentage change in gross merchandise value (GMV) from SMB retailers between 2014 and 2015. While Cyber Monday actually saw a small decrease of 2%.

Although, Cyber Monday saw a fall in gross merchandise value, the discount day still came out on top for being the busiest shopping day for retailers.

According to the Guardian, crowds visiting physical stores dropped this year but online shopping rose. With sales staying steady and retailers boycotting the shopping event, is the UK already bored of the cyber shopping weekend?


Small Business Saturday UK

Small Business Saturday UK took place the weekend after Black Friday and Cyber Monday on December 5th. Small Business Saturday aims to celebrate local and independent businesses.

British shoppers spent £623 million on Small Business Saturday, according to the Telegraph. Our data showed a 16% increase between 2014 and 2015 on Small Business Saturday.

With increased awareness of Small Business Saturday UK, will the 2016 event be even bigger?


How do the UK and US compare?

The global results showed a bigger rise in gross merchandise value this year with an overall increase of 21%. The American holiday, Thanksgiving, saw a peak of 27% and there was a 55% rise on Small Business Saturday US.

Small Business Saturday in both the UK and US has seen the biggest increase in GMV across the key shopping dates suggesting the support for independent retailers is rising. Great news for SMBs!

Cyber Monday was still the day retailers made the most money in both the US and UK, despite dropping compared to last year. Average order value also dropped in both countries and Amazon is stealing market share from eBay.

Why not check out our global infographic to see how they compare?



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