Last week we did our first webinar with new partners Magento. The webinar was for the Magento Go audience and was themed ‘Sell More, Sell Better - Introducing the Ultimate Back Office’. We had hundreds of registrations with a great number of attendees live on the day and received so many questions we nearly overran our slot!

We were really pleased that people were so engaged and interested to find out more about Brightpearl and how it could help support and grow their businesses.

Ciaran Cushley our pre sales consultant ran the webinar which started with the challenges a typical ecommerce business faces - such as keeping on top of orders, inventory levels, shipments, vendors and customer data not to mention accounts across several sales channels including Magento Go stores, eBay, telephone and/or in-store sales.

The webinar demonstrated how, using real life examples, inventory updates happen in real-time across all sales channels when you sell an item on a Magento Go Store, including other Magento stores, eBay and even in-store at your point of sale.

It showed that by having purchase orders in the same system, it's possible to more easily manage your vendor relationships, quickly find out low stock items, and in the click of a button reorder what you need. Plus by having all your relationships in one system you can easily see actionable business insights e.g. your most profitable products, your most active or profitable customers, most popular product lines and much, much more.

We also ran through the benefits of having such an integrated system like Brightpearl in more detail and touched on tips for choosing a provider. 

Magento recorded the whole thing and so you can watch it here.

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