The floor of the NEC in Birmingham for the Moda Exhibition glittered with displays of all the goodies that will line the shelves of clothing retailers far and wide when the Spring Season of 2015 (SS15) arrives.

Colourful booths presenting lines of shoes, clothes of all shapes and styles, bags, swimwear, and fashion kits for the sea and hills, making a dazzling array for the eyes to take in. Fashion shows went off with music pulsating throughout the floor as models took the stage, strutting and dancing along the catwalk in tops, shorts, skirts, other spring outfits.

Brightpearl was excited to participate in Moda’s inaugural E-Zone Live sessions, designed to give attendees a chance to hear from experts in e-commerce, web design, and retail technology. As Stuart Pick took the stage, he shared his personal experiences of being a new father and the challenges of shopping for moses basket, offering both retailers and fashion vendors the opportunity to learn how to overcome inventory issues. “Some of these tips, by the way, are so remarkably simple they’ll make your eyes water.”

We also snagged a few moments to walk the Moda show floor ourselves to speak one-on-one with some of our Brightpearl customers who were showcasing their new lines for SS15.

Down the hall a bit in the Moda shoe section was Butterfly Twists, a ballerina and boot brand for women, launched in London in 2009, they’ve been saving the feet for women around all of London, the U.K. and beyond, but in style.

Sarah Kent, Sales Manager at Butterfly Twists, said their company is still selling for autumn while taking orders for SS15, which will arrive in February, “We’ve had a really nice reaction, with store groups placing orders this week, but orders keep coming through right up to the season date. We’ve had a nice reaction with new people coming on board.”

For those who walk the hard streets of the city, put in miles during a work week, attend weddings and hen parties, or are standing for hours at a trade show, a quality ballerina shoe with memory foam and breathable fabric can make any day-to-day experience so much more enjoyable.

The twist of this shoe is also the ability to fold it neatly into your bag and bring it out when those heels begin to cause pain, a feature that has become a signature of the Butterfly Twist design. Their use of faux leather as well appeals to those seeking non-leather options, supporting the trend towards ethical fashion.

Butterfly Twists sells to independent retailers like Fly Jack as well as high street brands like Selfridges, both domestically and internationally. “There’s still plenty of room to grow in the U.K.,” Sarah said, while also extolling the growth in China, “They love the whole English heritage style, including our Union Jack shoe,” as does local buyers Top Shop and the online shoe outlet, Office.

They’ve also introduced sandals with their memory foam for this summer season, which has done quite well given most sandals have just a piece of leather between your feet and the hot pavement.

New ground for Butterfly Twists is selling to gyms, including David Lloyds, where you can easily pop your ballerinas into your bag to wear after a yoga session, making their shoes available to travelers pursuing the in-flight catalogues of Cathay Pacific, Virgin Airlines, British Airways, and Lufthansa, as well as the stewards who can find comfort in the shoe between flights.

Butterfly Twists is able to introduce new designs each season and continues to expand into new sales channels, all while keeping their core team in London quite small, to around 15 people, complemented by external sales agents located in various countries.

“There are all sorts of ways we’re growing in different businesses, so it’s exciting.”

The By Caprice booth, with its display of gorgeous swimwear and lingerie, had buyers in the booth making their orders for SS15. The company, launched by model and fashion entrepreneur Caprice Bourret in 2006, has been on the U.K. press radar from the beginning, hailing her the ‘Queen of the Undieworld.’

Since then the company has expanded the By Caprice Swim, By Caprice Lingerie and By Caprice Sleep into three continents, introducing a bedding line as well in 2010.

Sophie who was working the By Caprice booth said that while Moda for the SS15 season is a bit quieter this time of year, she looks forward to February Moda where their company’s orders will be buzzing for the summer season of 2015.

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