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As we edge ever closer to summer, this month’s In Review continues to serve you up 5 of the best content gems from around the web in May. Cutting through the click bait and bland content, we present you with the most interesting, informative and important content we've come across this month. And as always, the focus remains on retail, ecommerce and digital marketing.

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1) Infographic: Navigating the new digital divide - Capitalizing on digital influence in retail 

For the last three years Deloitte have conducted wide reaching surveys to better understand the digital behaviour of shoppers.

This year Deloitte dug deep and surfaced some really interesting observations about modern consumers. Before you start yawning at the prospect of trawling through pages of numbers and tables, check out the concise infographic below.

If that has peaked your interest in how the most successful retailers are capitalising on the rising influence of digital - and what you can do to stay ahead of the curve - check out this post now.


2) Blog: 12 Brands That Have Mastered GIFs in Email Marketing

Love them or hate them, you will have come across GIFs in some form or another whilst browsing the internet.

If you’re anything like us, you may have also noticed (and got rather too excited about) the trending emergence of GIF images in emails. Whilst they’re not overly complicated, GIFs unlock a whole realm of possibilities for email marketers.

The folks over at Ometria have recognised this, and put together this awesome collection of 12 brands who have nailed the use of GIFs in their emails. We were delighted to see Brightpearl customer Charlotte Tilbury made the list!

Check out the post now, get some inspiration for your emails, and see the impact on your sales.


3) Article: Why Retailers Should Worry If Google Joins The Buy Button Brigade 

You may have noticed when browsing through your favourite social media websites an emergence of purchasing buttons. Facebook is adopting ‘Shop Now’ buttons, Twitter is including occasional buy buttons and Pinterest is rumoured to be joining the fray. Next up too, is Google.

Isn’t this good? There are more ways for people to buy from you, and less hurdles to doing so... And yet Erika Morphy at Forbes thinks otherwise. Highlighting the consequences of this trend, Erika raises some valid concerns:

“Retailers [...] fear such a move will turn them into back-end order takers, weakening their relationships with shoppers.” 

There are legitimate worries that the change will transform Google from a source of traffic into a marketplace of its own, detracting interest from the branding and consumer relationships that merchants work so hard to maintain. Should you be worried? Check out the article now.


4) Infographic: The True Cost of Not Meeting Your Customers' Expectations

It’s no secret that we all love a good infographic, but this one really should command your attention.

Hubspot writer Carly Stec begins by reminding readers just how heavily influenced our actions are by the internet, and the social proof upon it. When did you last try out a new product or restaurant (or just about anything) without first checking for reviews online?

Your business can be either accelerated to cult status, or brought to its knees by the burden of social proof. Click the picture below to open the full infographic.

5) Video: Buyer Expectations Around the Retail Delivery Experience 

Last month we got the rare and exclusive opportunity to get some of the biggest names in ecommerce, fulfillment, retail technology and retail together to discuss upcoming trends in independent retail.

Watch Tim Schulz from Bigcommerce, Robert Gilbreath from ShipStation, Mika Uehara from SF FASHTECH and Angela Tsay from Oaklandish give their thoughts on the changing nature of buyer expectations around the delivery experience:


Keep your eyes peeled on the blog in the coming weeks for more video clips from the San Francisco event, including the opportunity to access footage of the whole discussion. Coming soon...


That’s all from us for this month, but we welcome your questions in the box below. As always, if you think we’ve missed an interesting piece of content this month, share it with us below. 

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