Hello and welcome to March: In Review.

In a modern world full of click bait and flavourless content, we are cutting through the rough to pick out 5 content gems for your reading pleasure.

Taking a look at some of the most interesting, informative and important content from around the web this month, we’ll be keeping the focus on retail, ecommerce and digital marketing. We will also take a time out to answer all the questions you leave in the comment section below, so get asking!

1) Infographic: Shopping Cart Abandonment

Everybody loves a good infographic (it’s science) so when we came across this gem we had to share it with you. Cleverly presented and packed with stats which will blow you away, this infographic highlights the vast impact which shopping cart abandonment has on your business. It’s a must see for online sellers.

Click here to check it out now.

Shocked by many of your online shoppers you are losing every day? Worry not, we’ve got a cure! Check out “Reducing Shopping Cart Abandonment”, a white paper we created to help with just this.

2) News: Budget 2015: What does it mean for your small business?

Much less glamourous than the infographic above, but packing a punch in its own way, this articletakes a look at George Osbourne’s 2015 Budget, highlighting the elements which will have a significant impact on small and medium sized businesses.

Love politics or hate it, this article will help you to understand how your business could be affected by the changes outlined.

3) Announcement: Mobile Friendly Search Results

Another understated looking page, but its importance cannot be overstated.

Google have announced an increase in the significance of mobile-friendly web design in SEO rankings. This means if you still haven’t fully optimised your website for mobile, you’re going to be dropping down the search rankings.

We all know that the majority of digital media consumption now takes place on mobile, so you’ve probably already got a shiny, speedy, superbly mobile-optimized website. But on the off chance it’s passed you by thus far, here’s a gentle reminder from Google that from April 21st 2015 you optimize or you get left behind.

4) News: Google adds product ratings to search ads in Europe

Another way Google may have impacted on your ecommerce retail sales this month is through their new product rating system. Introduced in other parts of the world last year, shoppers and retailers in Europe will now benefit from Amazon-style star ratings in search.

Google’s aim is always to provide the best and most relevant results to the searcher as quickly and accurately as possible. In this case, this means adding shop ratings to search. It's worth taking a look into how this may impact your online store.

Not sure how to enable product ratings? Check out Google’s advice, and make the most of this additional marketing tool made available for your store.

5) Video: 3 Ways of Streamlining Orders in Fashion Wholesale

Hands up, we did put this one together ourselves, but we think you’ll really like it. Whether or not you’re in fashion, this video will have something for you - brands, retailers and wholesalers alike.

You’ll hear from industry experts ReChannel as we discuss streamlining order processes, marketing your brand globally, and increasing control when selling. We even answer a few questions in the latter parts, but if you have any more we’d love to hear them below!

That’s all for March, but we’d love to hear your questions in the comment section below. Likewise, if you think we’ve missed a content gem this month let us know. Don’t forget to leave your name, and you could be featured on April: In Review.

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