Finlay London: Managing the Meghan Markle Effect

Within our thriving customer network of over 1,400 merchants, we discover new and interesting success stories every day. From impressive crowdfunding success, to award-winning product design and record growth rates, there is a lot to be learned from the businesses that use Brightpearl as part of their technology stack.

In this blog, we discuss how British eyewear brand, Finlay London, handle drastic spikes in sales following various celebrity endorsements from the likes of Rihanna, Jenson Button, Jessica Alba and more recently, Prince Harry’s fiancée, Meghan Markle.

What’s the Meghan Markle effect?

Prior to using retail and wholesale management system, Brightpearl, Finlay London used to struggle with sales spikes caused by celebrity endorsement from high profile names.

Dane Butler, Creative Director and co-founder of Finlay London, notes: “We knew we needed a solution that could cope with sudden and drastic spikes in sales and that was the primary reason for switching to Brightpearl.”

This move couldn’t have been better timed, as soon after completing the Brightpearl implementation, Finlay London experienced a huge wave of interest overnight that threatened to overwhelm them. Meghan Markle had stepped out wearing the brand’s Percy sunglasses at the Invictus Games and the reaction was remarkable.

Finlay London Tortoise Sunglasses

David Lochhead, Commercial Director for Finlay London, recalls: “That evening, I checked our web sales and discovered that we had sold thousands of pounds of sunglasses within an hour. The next morning, I woke up to see that online sales had grown even further - we had sold over £20,000 worth of our Percy shades overnight.”

“While the overnight popularity of the product was obviously very exciting, the sudden and unexpected spike in demand left us with a dilemma of how to continue to operate without being completely overwhelmed.”

Tackling unexpected sales spikes with Brightpearl

“Fortunately, we’d recently moved to Brightpearl. The solution helped us to adapt and manage the surge in demand; processing thousands of orders without missing a beat,” says David.

With powerful functionality that automatically downloads, fulfills, invoices and ships orders across sales channels, combined with real-time inventory updates and accounts journal creation, Brightpearl provides merchants with an incredible competitive advantage.

Rather than becoming overwhelmed by increases in sales spikes, whether they’re due to celebrity endorsement, seasonal peaks, flash sales or otherwise, Brightpearl enables you to go on running your business efficiently and smoothly, with customers receiving the same level of service they would have received on a normal day.

David explains: “Having the right system in place is always helpful when managing expected sales peaks, but it becomes crucial when unexpected spikes catch you unaware. With Brightpearl, we were able to deliver the same level of service to existing customers, while providing new shoppers with speedy, high-quality service that will hopefully turn them into long-term buyers.”

While Dane adds: “The system helped us to automate aspects of our business, such as inventory, order processing and fulfillment processes, freeing up the team to focus on delivering first class customer service in a pressure cooker situation.”

To read more about how Finlay London manages the Meghan Markle effect and unexpected spikes in sales, check out their customer story.

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