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Multi-tasking has long been a priority that retailers have had to learn to do, yet it hasn’t been until recently that multi-tasking merchants have truly been able to excel in their retail goals. Thanks to mobile management features that include inventory control, employee communication, customer service options and transaction processing, mobile has introduced more opportunities and stronger retail effectiveness for merchants small and large. In fact, mobile management even offers retailers the opportunity to manage their store at anytime, from anywhere.

To help further understand the value of mobile management for retailers, consider the following three reasons below.  

Reason #1: Inventory Management

Gone are the days of excel spreadsheets and desktop logins to review and manage inventory… thankfully.

By using cloud based inventory management software such as Brightpearl, retailers can view real-time updates on their inventory across multiple channels – including from their smartphones.  This real-time access allows merchants to easily and effectively identify what inventory needs they should review and react to while also helping to make their retail operations be as streamlined as possible. This is particularly important for retailers who support sales in a variety of selling locations – including online, offline or both – as well as optimizing their communication between warehouses, dropshippers and more. Additionally, having this vital data in the cloud and accessible via smartphones helps to reduce operational barriers, something any busy merchant can appreciate. Collectively, these details lead retailers to stronger store profit thanks to stronger inventory management – including the ability to manage inventory from their smartphones.

Reason #2: Retail Accounting

From tracking invoices, to issuing payments, to balancing sales from online, offline or both, there is no shortage of accounting details to manage when it comes to retail. Fortunately, these historically time-intensive tasks do not have to be as labor-sensitive today thanks to the ability of integrated software that combines all necessary online accounting. Among the perks of this software also includes the ability for retailers to access accounting data from their phones – helping them to increase their store efficiency, retail responsibilities and overall merchant goals.

Accurate accounting can seem almost effortless when managed with the right software – but even more so when accessible via smartphones. This introduces flexibility to merchants while also helping to reduce time – a winning duo that retailers shouldn’t ignore.

Reason #3: Customer Communication

With so much available to consumers via their smartphones, it only makes sense that merchants have mobile perks as well. Through mobile devices, retailers can make social media updates, deliver email marketing messages, offer text messaging when necessary and of course, call clients as needed. Additionally, customer communication extends beyond these obvious avenues when you factor in CRM systems that help businesses manage customer loyalty and other consumer communication tactics that fall under their unique business portfolio. The opportunities are almost endless when it comes to customer communication via smartphones, however the challenge, of course, is getting businesses to recognize this efficient way to connect with customers and help use it to their advantage to build a stronger retail business.

Stronger transparency, increased inventory knowledge, real-time data and enhanced customer communication are among the greatest assets any retailer can apply to their business. Welcoming mobile into these strategies is simply a way to strengthen these efforts – ultimately helping merchants find stronger success in reaching their unique retail goals.

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