Hello and welcome to June: In Review 

Summer has well and truly arrived, but before you sprint to the nearest beach, read on. We’ve cut through piles of click bait and mountains of flavourless content to serve you up 5 juicy content gems from around the web in June.

And as always, the focus remains on retail, ecommerce and digital marketing.

1. Infographic: Creepy or Cool? What Consumers Think About The Store of the Future

For the last year, we’ve heard non-stop about how the “Store of the Future” will revolutionise retail. But is the consumer ready for it? Or will the culmination of mobile, social, sensors and hi-tech wizardry turn the customer away?

GetElastic have had a look into what the consumer thinks, and brought the results together here. They’ve even created a “Digital Retail Creep-Tolerance” graph for you to dip into.

2. Tool: Google Consumer Barometer

Google being Google, they’ve got access to enormous amounts of data the rest of us could only dream of, and the tools to present it in an enormously pleasing way. Enter the Consumer Barometer.

Google call it “a tool to help you understand how people use the Internet across the world”, and we can’t argue with that description. Giving you access to the well presented findings of Google’s research, this tool lets you get inside the head of internet users and online shoppers everywhere from the United States of America to Azerbaijan.

Well worth a deep dive, check it out here

3. Blog: 25 Enlightening Digital Marketing Stats

At the risk of sending you off and never getting you back, we’ve chosen to add this awesome post by Econsultancy in this month’s ‘In Review’.

Packed with fascinating stats, this post boldly announces that “retailers missing out on £6.6bn a year by not going mobile.”

If that’s not enough to grab your interest, the writer goes on to highlight a recent YouGov survey which found that “almost half of UK adults experienced problems with online orders in the last 12 months”, and (in referencing Brightpearl partner Metapack) that “kids of the 80s and 90s are addicted to experimenting with online retail deliveries.”

Whether or not stats are your thing, there’s some pretty interesting reading for the smart retailer and wholesaler in this post. Check it out now.

4. Good news: Alibaba.com Is At It Again With Announcement of New Partnership

We always like to include a bit of good news in our monthly review, and June is no exception.

Alibaba this month announced a new partnership which could completely change the game for ambitious retailers and wholesalers, allowing trade across international borders more easily than ever before.

Cutting costs and removing barriers for growing retailers, Forbes conclude “it sounds almost too good to be true… however for merchants savvy enough to get on the Alibaba.com bandwagon – ease, efficiency and success are becoming more and more realistic everyday.”

Read more here.

5. Infographic: The Sales Potential for Cross-Border International Sales 

Leading neatly on from Alibaba’s big announcement about international trade, our final content gem this week is our very own infographic “The Sales Potential for Cross-Border International Sales.”

Beautifully designed (if we may so) and packed with interesting stats, you can check out the infographic by clicking here.

That's all for this month folks, think we've missed anything? Let us know in the comments below, and as always, have a great July.

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