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It's summer, the schools are out, and the streets are packed with eager shoppers. With July drawing to a close, allow me to present some of the highlights from an exciting month. Grab a coffee, sit back, and enjoy our 5 top picks from around the web in July.

As always, the focus remains on retail, ecommerce and digital marketing.

1. Blog: 17 ways your ecommerce business can beat Amazon

Taking an in-depth look at a few successful ecommerce businesses, this amusing post highlights how you can make your ecommerce business stand up to Amazon. Packed with real and practical tips for you to get started with, it's well worth a click.

Full of subtle ecommerce humour, this article stood out from the click bait with its sarcastic tone and digs at Amazon: “perhaps when running your next sales event, don’t build it up in quite such a hubristic manner as Amazon’s Prime Day, and maybe follow through with some genuinely appealing bargains.”

Whimsical in tone but serious in message, we’re sure that this Econsultancy blog post will fill your head with plenty of exciting ideas for you to apply to your own business.

2. Infographic: Ecommerce Across the Globe


It’s easy to see an infographic as just a pretty picture, but this one from Salecycle surfaces some crazy statistics. For instance, did you know that 88.4% of people in the UK are online shoppers?

Analysing who, where and what is going on in global ecommerce, this one is certainly worth a peek. Click the crop below to view the complete infographic.


3. Blog: 7 Tips to Find the Perfect 3PL for Your Fulfillment Network


Outsourcing ecommerce warehousing to a third party logistics (3PLS) provider has become an increasingly popular solution for small and medium sized retailers. Why wouldn’t it be, since 3PLS have an 11% average logistics cost reduction!

In this post Bigcommerce lean on their vast retail and ecommerce experience to offer you 7 powerful tips for finding the right solution for you. Oozing with stats and answers to any question you could possibly have about 3PLS, this post is a must-read for retailers.

4. Analysis: How Online Retailers Can Promote Their Content Better


This easy-to-read post takes a look at how online retailers can make adjustments to their web design and marketing strategy in order to better promote their content.

Kicking off with a game of spot the difference, you’re then guided through the rest of this post by clever use of imagery. Analysing site-navigation, social media, and email marketing, this analysis backs up every point with clear real-world examples.

Definitely one to get stuck into, read the post by Ometria here.

5. Blog: What is Inventory Management? Keeping Up with the Changing Retail Customer Experience 


With Amazon recently announcing an incredible one hour delivery service (yes, really), this post digs right down into the importance of well structured inventory management.

Needless to say, when your operations need to be able to turn a sale around in 60 mins, there needs to be some pretty well oiled processes in place.


Set aside a few minutes now to read through this post - there’s even a link out to an interesting free white paper.

That's all for this month, but before you run out into the glorious summer sunshine, drop a comment below with your favourite articles from July! 


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