We recently announced the launch of the Brightpearl App Store. Offering retailers access to some really useful apps helping them tailor functionality and further extend Brightpearl’s core capabilities. Whether you’re selling shoes, spy cameras, books or furniture there will be areas of your business which operate similarly to others and some which don’t. The way you run your business is individual, so why shouldn’t you have personalized software to match?

Brightpearl will continue to focus on its core - orders, inventory, customer data, accounting and reporting all in one place. Now with the added benefit of the App Store retailers have access to a range of apps to personalize Brightpearl to further fit their business needs.

Another benefit of the App Store is that retailers have access a wide range of apps built by developers all over the world. Graham Harrison, operations director at Audio Visual Commodity says: “Through the Brightpearl App Store I am now talking to a company in New Zealand about forecasting, a business in Germany about reporting and a French team about our pricing. It’s invaluable for an SME of our size that we can have access to the best partners worldwide.”

As fast as we are seeing entrepreneurial retailers entering the market we're also seeing more innovative software developers building apps to support them. We’re excited to see how quickly developers have been creating apps; from forecasting and analytics to delivery management, web stores and more. New apps are coming out every week to support retailers so check out the App Store as more arrive.

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About the Author

Grainne is the Head of Campaigns at Brightpearl and leads the execution of Brightpearl's global campaign strategy. Having worked in the retail tech space for five years, learning more about how technology can help retailers grow is a huge topic of interest.