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Most omnichannel retailers have established payment workflows on their ecommerce stores, but phone, wholesale and other channels typically require payment and credit card entry into a separate platform. Here are 4 key reasons to integrate your payment platform with your order management software:

1. Make the sale wherever the customer is

Never miss a sales opportunity because of having to push a customer off the phone and onto your website, or waste time having to re-enter their credit card details. A connected payments app allows users to process payments, and access the payment platform’s saved credit card information over the phone or in store. 

2. Reduce your IT burden

A fully integrated payment platform means you can reduce the number of systems that your team has to log into when processing an order. Without an integration, to take an order over the phone you'd need to take the order into one system, move over to a payment terminal or website to take the payment (likely copy/pasting an address), and then once the payment is made, move back to the order system and update its status (yikes!) An integrated payments app eliminates time spent on error prone manual entry and copy-pasting. An omnichannel payments platform allows you to eliminate the complexity and cost of multiple systems for taking payment on each channel. 

3. Keep your accountant happy

By integrating your payment information with an accounting and order management platform like Brightpearl, your accountant will be able to quickly identify any discrepancies when reconciling your merchant account back to your accounts. The ability to link directly back to an order’s payment information means that you’ve always got a full audit trail should you need it, and enables you to immediately identify why a payment was missed, and eliminate future mistakes. 

4. Improve security

Security is key when handling customer credit card information and processing payments. An integrated payments app helps to prevent customer credit card information from ending up on sticky notes, spreadsheets or on a staff member’s computer. The other common security risk around payment processing is granting too many staff members access to payment platforms and merchant accounts. Using a payment app like Brightpearl Payments allows you to define permissions based on a staff member’s role, allowing only specific team members to grant refunds or take discounted payments. 

The future

We see the future of omnichannel payments as a service that follows a customer anywhere they purchase. A customer who purchases on your website should be able to walk into your store and seamlessly pay with their account they’ve already established, or potentially receive a refund through simply bringing up their online order. Connecting an omnichannel payment platform with a retail management platform like Brightpearl, lays the groundwork for offering truly omnichannel payments.

If you haven’t heard about Brightpearl Payments before, it’s an app that enables customer service and sales teams to take and track payments using Stripe, Authorize.net, Sage Pay and Worldpay directly in Brightpearl's order management workflows.

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