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The American television series, The Six Million Dollar Man, became a pop culture favorite in the early 1970s, as an astronaut after a crash, “rebuilt” and fitted with bionic body implants, is able to perform super-human feats. The character Steve Austin can see with the precision of a camera zoom lens, jump the height of a two-story building, and lift with the power of a bull dozer.

Today retailers have many software and service resources at their disposal, far from costing a bionic arm and a leg, but powerful all the same, enabling you to take your business and operation to the next level. For Brightpearl retailers the advantage is even greater, with a variety of Brightpearl Partners ready to step in and help you do better business.

Two years after deploying Brightpearl, KeraStraight, a London-based hair care company, had saved approximately £25,000 in operational costs and 2,000 staff hours annually as a result. This provided a budget for the retailer to outsource their bookkeeping to Evenstone, which support’s KeraStraight’s goal to run lean with a small team while also scaling their business.

As a Brightpearl accounting partner since 2010, Evenstone specializes in supporting Brightpearl clients in the U.K. and the U.S., relieving the day-to-day headaches of managing bookkeeping and accounts.

Julie Stevens, Managing Director at Evenstone, explains the first steps retailers take when handing off their internal bookkeeping tasks. “When we begin a new relationship with a Brightpearl retailer, the technical setup of the account is only a part of that process. We assign an account manager, a person who gets to know a company like KeraStraight - how their business functions, how they use Brightpearl and how they like to work. We aim to be an integrated part of their team and fit seamlessly into their business processes, helping them streamline and tackle things efficiently – but without the HR overhead.”

Stevens continues, “KeraStraight first came to us for some accounts training two years ago to make sure that they got the best out of Brightpearl, and we’re delighted that they’ve now grown to the point where they’ve asked us back to look after things on a day-to-day basis.”

At the recent National Retail Federation’s annual “Big Show” conference, the number one key takeaway for Entrepreneur Magazine was, “Mobile traffic accounted for nearly half of all online traffic this holiday, according to IBM. So it came as no surprise that pocket-sized strategies were a big talking point.”

If you’re goal for 2015 is to offer an improved online buying experience for your customers across all devices, Brightpearl Partner EYEMAGINE offers this short list of questions you should ask “before you take the plunge”:

  • What is my site traffic from various device types?
  • Am I losing market share/revenue to competitors who have optimized their sites?
  • Do my customers complain about their online shopping experience?
  • Am I up-to-date on the latest eCommerce design and shopping trends?
  • Do I have the capability to design and develop my site in-house?

EYEMAGINE specializes in designing and developing robust and scalable websites for ecommerce, with a client list that includes Toyota, Cisco, Disney. As a Magento Certified Developer and HubSpot Certified Partner, they work with retailers to deliver that optimal shopping experience that improves conversions and increases engagement.

For Bath Simple, they designed and developed a custom internet-based application using the Adobe Flex platform in unison with Magento, a first in Magento history. This enabled customers from their iPad to pull products from the catalogue with their own choice of colors and finishes, and see how the rendered bathroom would look in their own home.

If you’re considering extending your sales reach into the online marketplace or want to improve on your existing store, Just Applications Group offers eBay templates and eye-catching store designs to showcase your products in their best light. Their listing tool complements the Brightpearl platformintegration while supporting product variations, cross promotions and competitor analysis, essentials to improving sales.

Thinking about scaling your business by expanding internationally? London-based E-Gistics knows the ins and outs of the online retail business. Their network of global carriers enables them to negotiate lower delivery rates based on their overall volume versus what a retailer and wholesaler could get individually. And the E-Gistics multi-carrier software ties into Brightpearl so you can track all your shipments, print labels and custom declarations.

These are just a few of the Brightpearl Partners ready to help you make 2015 a “Better, Faster, Stronger” year for your business.

Review our full list of partners offering a variety of complementary services and solutions.

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