Running an online business is an exciting experience, but it can also be extremely stressful. Staying on top of the operations and management of a fast moving business can be seem like a constant struggle, but when you have a solid strategy in place, the potential for success is huge. But where do you look to measure your performance? How can you leave every customer feeling like they had a personal experience with your brand?

In this webinar, we team up with multichannel digital marketing specialists Promodo to help ambitious businesses gain a competitive advantage and work more effectively by reducing costs and increasing income at the same time. Check it out below!

You’ll cover:

  • The top metrics to keep an eye out for on your site analytics.
  • How to track mobile marketing efforts with mobile ecommerce dashboards.
  • Why and how you should use cohort analysis in Google Analytics, looking at how you should measure the impact of changes in your strategy.
  • How to dramatically improve your customer service to ensure a personalised and coordinated approach throughout.
  • How to improve your inventory management and order processes to reduce stock-outs and double selling whilst improving your cash flow.
  • Increase visibility into your operations and make better business decisions off the back of this insight.

If you’ve enjoyed the webinar, and would be interested in a complete web audit, click here now to register for your Promodo web audit.

Have you got any questions for Phil or Elena? Drop a comment below, and we’ll get back to you!

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