One of the things we love about working at Brightpearl is the chance to work with so many passionate, inspiring and innovative retailers. Every one of their stories is unique. which is why we like to catch up with our customers regularly to hear their stories. We started Brightpearl to help retailers accelerate their business and we are inspired by our customers stories.

We recently spoke to one of our customers - Natural Baby Shower, who sell a wide range of natural, organic and ethically made baby products. Victoria and Clifton founded the company back in 2007 and have since grown the business from a packing station at the kitchen table to a multichannel company with their own warehouse, boutique store, website and online marketplaces, employing 8 members of staff and turning over half a million a year.  



We’re proud to have supported Victoria and Clifton as they've grown Natural Baby Shower and excited to be part of their growth going forward. We hope you like the video and would love to hear your inspiring stories too. What started you on the path to becoming a retailer, what keeps you on that path, and what do you see the future holding for you? 

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