This seems like an obvious statement doesn’t it? If you want to grow your retail business and make a long term success of it - it all comes down to selling more products to more people in more places. Of course it is I hear you say.

But the reality is often very different isn’t it. As you grow the time you spend away from speaking to customers and selling just seems to balloon. More admin. Meetings with accountants and bankers. Inventory management and reconciliation. Reporting. Ordering. The list goes on.

Our retail experts speak to retailers every day and they always tell us that they didn’t get into retail to become accountants or number crunchers but they felt that as they grew this is exactly where they were spending too much of their time. And they knew that it had to stop.

So what marks out those that tackle this problem and have grown their business from those that are struggling to cope? We’ve asked our retail experts to share what their most successful customers do. Their real secrets of success. We’ve also looked at how you can use technology to free up time from these back office tasks and give it back to selling or growing your business.

So join our webinar “Grow Your Retail Business - Spend more time selling and less time counting” to find out more.


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About the Author

Derek is CEO of Brightpearl, responsible for the overall company strategy. Co-author of the Omnichannel Survival Guide, Derek is recognized as a leading retail expert, and his mantra is to deliver on Brightpearl’s mission to automate the back office for today’s merchants. During the 1990’s Derek founded two IT companies, including Ireland’s first online advertising agency building database driven websites and offering SEO services. Most recently, he served as Senior Vice President of field sales and marketing for Norton, responsible for $1.7bn of revenue globally. Since Derek became CEO of Brightpearl in spring 2016, the company has seen significant growth in its core customer base, cementing its position as an invaluable asset for mid-sized merchants seeking a competitive edge.