Early last week our Co-founder Andy Mulvenna got the chance to meet the Queen and members of the Royal family. A reception event was held at Buckingham Palace to recognise and celebrate the most successful and promising technology entrepreneurs. The invitation went out to pioneering tech startups, to academics, and investors within the technology sector.

The Queen and Duke of York were joined by the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince William, the Duke of Gloucester and the Duke of Kent. The Royals spent several hours observing demonstrations of the latest technologies and speaking with the attendees under impressive chandeliers in the Palaces grand reception rooms.

The event signifies the Royal belief and interest in the growing contribution of the technology sector within the British economy. Andy has seen many successes with Brightpearl and to name a few:

  • Brightpearl customers processed over $1B worth of sales using our software (unlike many software companies we don’t believe in taxing customers growth by charging them a % of revenue).
  • Our customers increased their sales at an astonishing 31% year-on-year. That is 7 times the average growth rate of the retail industry as a whole and more than twice as fast as the fast-growing ecommerce category overall. Being the core platform for such an impressive community is an incredibly important validation for our product.
  • We closed $25M investment from leading technology investors and retail guru’s such as: Richard Goulding ( founder/CEO) and Maurice Helfgoff (M&S Director, and owner of high street brands including Oliver Sweeney, Long Tall Sally, Moss Bros.
  • Brightpearl has grown from just 6 to over 100 employees in the last 4 years.
  • We are expanding quickly into the US market - we over 20 employees based in our San Francisco office.

Andy was honoured to be invited to Buckingham Palace and is proud to be apart of the esteemed group of entrepreneurs who attended the event. On his return from the reception he said: “When I was introduced to the Duke of Edinburgh, he gripped my hand like a vice, lent in with an unblinking stare and asked ‘Brightpearl. What the devil’s that?’ I had less than 5 seconds to explain to the 93 year old Duke how our software platform enables multi-channel retailers to accelerate their business. Recognising that we are a ‘nation of shopkeepers’, he appreciated Brightpearl’s belief that small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy and giving retailers the chance of being tomorrow’s success story’.”

Bristol and Bath are seeing a new era of smaller tech startups emerging, paving the way for young entrepreneurs to diversify the market. The Duke of York was pleased to hear about Brightpearl’s expansion into the United States, and that our roots remain in Bristol. Acknowledging the robustness and vibrancy of the regions technology scene. The Duke is known to push British tech companies towards the US market, while telling them to make sure they come back.

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About the Author

Grainne is the Head of Campaigns at Brightpearl and leads the execution of Brightpearl's global campaign strategy. Having worked in the retail tech space for five years, learning more about how technology can help retailers grow is a huge topic of interest.