‘Social Media’ might be one of those phrases that sends shivers down your spine when you hear it. We all know that it’s an important part of getting our businesses ‘out there’ but as a retailer operating around the clock, where on earth are you going to find the time to tweet, like, post and share content as well as keeping on top of your endless to-do list? Don’t fear. We’ve found a second pair of hands with Hootsuite.

Social Media Statistics


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Hootsuite – What is it?

Hootsuite is a platform that enables you to manage your social media channels effectively.

It’s a tool that opens up a whole host of opportunities for your business and allows you to take these with minimal input and effort on your part.

Here are just a few of the benefits that are waiting for you…

Schedule Your Messages

It is common knowledge that in order to engage your audience, a Twitter beginner should be tweeting between three and five times a day. It may not sound a huge amount but in order to become part of the successful statistics above, you can’t just tweet anything. The same applies to any messaging posted on social channels. The content needs to be relevant and current and in context to your audience and this sometimes require thinking time.

Hootsuite allows you to schedule your messages in advance so there’s no need to worry about long periods of inactivity on your accounts – it won’t happen. Admittedly some of the most effective responses on social media channels occur when we respond to things happening in real time but there’s also potential for less time-sensitive ‘evergreen’ messages that will still make an impact on your audience. So my advice would be to just set aside an hour or so a week to get these all set up. You will feel ahead of the game.

Multi-Account Access

The advantage of Hootsuite above other platforms is that it can manage all of your social accounts in one go.

As a retail business, you will most likely have accounts with multiple social media channels. Why? Well we all love having information filtered for us. It makes things easier. In the culture we now live in, we don’t have the time to do this ourselves.

Different customer groups will naturally navigate towards their preferred channel. For some this will be the quick fire, instant and up-to-date tweets on Twitter. Others will air towards LinkedIn and Facebook preferring content over conversations. Be savvy. Use this approach to target specific audiences. This approach will provide a fantastic tailored solution for your customer base and will increase your chances of using social media to convert leads into sales.


It’s all well and good setting up on Hootsuite and getting to the point where you feel like you’re on top of your social media presence as a business but what are you actually getting out of it? Hootsuite can tell you.

Every week, the platform will send you a report showing you how your channels are performing in relation to click rates. The report covers a whole host of things from number of clicks per day to your popular links, top referrals and the location of the people who are clicking through on your content. Useful data delivered straight to your inbox. Nice and simple.

No Regrets

In conclusion, once you’ve started using Hootsuite, you’ll never want to go back to tweeting from the standard Twitter interface. Combined with a well-planned digital strategy, it becomes a priceless resource, helping your business to grow and communicate its brand clearly to a never-ending audience.


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About the Author

Hannah Green is Head of Marketing at Creare where she writes content on useful topics for SMEs. Creare provide digital marketing solutions and are passionate about empowering businesses to grow and achieve greatness. With support, tools, advice and guidance at hand, Creare provide a solution that small businesses can take hold of and run with.