If you’ve invested time and money to ensure your retail website is SEO-friendly, but did not include a responsive web strategy to make your site mobile-friendly, now is the time to make it a priority. Google has another major algorithm change around the corner, April 21 to be exact, that will reward websites with higher rankings that are optimized for mobile devices, while penalizing those that aren’t.

The reasons for this mobile move are clear, as we’ve indicated in our series of mobile-related retail blogs. 2014 mcommerce sales accounted for one-fifth of all retail online transactions, which added up to $57.79 billion in sales versus $42.13 billion in 2013. Our constantly-connected culture “has made a huge contribution to the fact that 48% of all traffic to websites now come from mobile devices,” said Creare, a Brightpearl web development partner, in their recent post on Google's algorithm change.

Beyond the data validating shoppers’ growing use of mobile, having a website that requires people to pinch and zoom to view your content is not the optimal shopping interface buyers desire. “Users find this a frustrating experience and are likely to abandon the site,” Google stated in their Mobile Guide.


Google recommends the following to get started:


Last year Google made other algorithm changes, and did so with a consistent priority: the user experience. Its focus on quality of content hit some retail websites pretty hard, pushing their top rankings down twenty or more levels. This latest play to focus on mobile should be taken seriously. The Googlebot has already been collecting the data it needs to flip the switch on April 21. So when “mobilegeddon” comes along, the change will impact websites immediately. Taking the needed steps now will not only provide your rankings from being hit, but most importantly, you’ll be prepared to support your customers’ growing mobile shopping demands.


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