There are a growing number of well-known larger retailers that are introducing services such as ‘Try Before You Buy’ (TBYB) and free returns.

The TBYB model enables customers to order multiple items before deciding what they’d like to keep. There’s no upfront cost - shoppers simply pay for anything they keep after a certain number of days, usually thirty days following dispatch. They return anything else that they don’t want, for which they are never charged.

But our research reveals that customers would return an average 3.95 more items each month in the US and 3.08 items in the UK with this sort of shopping model in place.

Which poses the question: 

How can retailers stay ahead of the curve and offer these types of services without hurting their margins?

We’ve recently teamed up with one of our partners, EYStudios, a leading ecommerce brand development firm, to create an on demand webinar that will help you to understand why the introduction of these services could quickly lead to a tsunami of returns, and how, if approached correctly, it could be a massive opportunity for your business.

In less than 30 minutes, you will:

  • Understand retail and consumer attitudes towards new buying trends being pioneered by online brands
  • Learn how to manage your storefront to account for this new returns culture, so that you gain more customer loyalty
  • Gain insight into the impact new shopping trends may have on returns behavior, and what you must prepare for
  • Learn more about the burgeoning intentional returner culture and its potential risk to your business
  • Understand how you can adopt a best practices returns program on your ecommerce store
  • Explore how you can automate and reduce back office process, that will inevitably increase with high volumes of returns, saving time and money

Sound good? Sign up to watch the on demand webinar now.

And if you want even more detail into the ‘Try Before You Buy’ model and the impact it is having on returns, then you can also download our in-depth ‘Tsunami of Returns’ report for free now.

A returns tsunami for retail

Watch the on demand webinar now!

Do you want to improve your ecommerce returns strategy?

Sign up to watch the on demand webinar now and learn how to manage your storefront to account for this new returns culture, how to improve your returns process and how you can automate your back office process.


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Ellie Barton is Head of US Marketing at Brightpearl. She is focused on providing advice and support to prospects and clients on how they can improve the efficiency and profitability of their back office processes. Ellie is responsible for demand generation, positioning, partner marketing and events within the US.