Brightpearl dotmailer integration

We’re now in an age of customer-centric commerce and ever-heightening customer expectations for everything from website optimization to smooth behind-the-buy-button experiences. Relevant and valuable communication with clients is one of the areas in which retailers need to excel to delight and retain their customer base.

To help our clients achieve that, Brightpearl is now integrated with dotdigital Engagement Cloud. Users of both platforms can create accurate communications across email and SMS, as well as display ads.

As a multichannel retail operations platform, Brightpearl houses all the order data from your entire client base - not just your ecommerce orders. This allows you to have a holistic view of your business, and when connected to a powerful customer engagement platform like dotdigital, enables you to avoid disjointed communication with clients.

dotdigital’s Engagement Cloud allows users to create relationships with their clients and stay top of mind. With order, contact and segmentation data from across all your operations fueling your communication with clients, you can be more competitive than ever and provide smoother customer experiences.

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“Relevant and valuable communication with clients is one of the cornerstones of customer-centric retail. We’re excited to partner with dotdigital to provide our mutual customers the capacity to enhance their customer engagement with accurate operations data. This will give Brightpearl and dotdigital Engagement Cloud users the ability to avoid disjointed or irrelevant communication to clients, and instead will lead to the kind of seamless customer experience both platforms are already known to provide on their own.”

- Rob Beattie, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Brightpearl, UK

“The partnership with retail operations experts Brightpearl makes a lot of sense. We have a number of mutual clients who have all expressed the need to be able to link up their business systems, front- and back-end. As an increasing amount of businesses feel fierce competitive pressure, having the ability to respond to end-to-end experiences, both good and bad, becomes increasingly important when trying to gain an edge over the rest.”

- Simon Lye, Head of Partnerships at dotdigital

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To find out more about the integration, click here.

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About the Author

Margareta Retsnik is a Product Marketing Manager at Brightpearl. Margareta is in charge of planning and executing integrated marketing campaigns and communications for all Brightpearl product launches. So whether it's a brand new integration, exciting new feature or core product update, you'll find Margareta conducting thorough competitor analysis and market research, as well as aligning with the Brightpearl Sales and Marketing teams to inform them of the strategic positioning of the product for prospects, customers and partners.