webinar-cloudiq-sm-cut_0.pngIn order to build a lasting relationship with potential and existing customers, you need to make the most of every chance you have to communicate with them. Thankfully it has never been easier to reach out, but doing so without knowing how and when can have a real adverse effect on your objectives.

Using data driven marketing however, you can eliminate the guess work. Data allows you to map your customer journeys, and knowing this sets you up well to target them with the right tone at the crucial time. This opens up real opportunities for increasing conversions and customer service levels, and will ultimately lead to greater profits.

Working with Cloud.IQ we’ve put together this fantastic webinar to help growing brands and retailers to understand the importance of data-driven touch point marketing and offer some advice for really succeeding with your efforts.

Speaking with Lotty Cumming, Kath Pay and Ti Osnat, we dig into how and when to interact with prospects and customers with the ultimate aim of increasing your conversions and delivering better customer service.

Check out “Data driven touch point marketing for customer service and increased conversions” below:

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