Led by its foundational principle of customer obsession, Amazon frequently tops the charts when it comes to innovation and customer experience. 

It has catapulted the mega-retailer towards a $356 billion valuation and a 43% ownership of all online sales.

This poses a crucial question: what can other retailers do to create an innovative customer experience that emulates the ecommerce industry’s leading powerhouse?

Innovating Like Amazon! The Tech Stack You Need to Ace the Online Customer Experience

We’ve teamed up with Nosto, the world’s leading ecommerce personalization platform, alongside other technology experts in their fields to bring you: Innovating Like Amazon! The Tech Stack You Need to Ace the Online Customer Experience.

This guide explores five key areas where Amazon excels at driving the best customer experience, including:

  • Best-in-class search functionality
  • Personalized product recommendations
  • Influential customer ratings and reviews
  • Automated inventory and order management processes
  • Memorable post-purchase experiences

The result? One guide that showcases winning strategies, tangible advice and a powerful tech stack to help retailers, like you, ace the customer experience and compete with the likes of Amazon and other ecommerce powerhouses.

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Justine Jenkins is the Content Marketing Manager at Brightpearl where she can be found writing away about all things retail and wholesale related. Previously to joining the Marketing team, Justine enjoyed helping customers with the Brightpearl system within both the Customer Support and Customer Success teams. After over 7 years with Brightpearl, she has become incredibly passionate about business success for retailers, and spends a large part of her days thinking of ideas for hot topics she thinks you'll love learning from and reading about.