Taking Brightpearl to The Top [Podcast]

Nathan Latka is the host of The Top, an extremely popular podcast with more than 3.5 million listeners who tune in for 15 minute insights from the world’s Top Entrepreneurs. 

A podcast like no other, Latka has a no-nonsense style, that allows him to cut straight to the meaty questions on how much a business sold in the last month, how they are selling, what they are selling - and much more. Often ranked within the top ten iTunes podcasts for technology and business, The Top is often highlighted as one of the most influential podcasts for entrepreneurs.

“Without a doubt, Nathan Latka’s “The Top” podcast has the best business insights, especially if you are in SaaS. Nathan asks his guests hard-hitting questions and has them tell his audience what their revenues are, customer counts, churn, average customer value, monthly marketing spend and more. It’s quick, and gives you incredible insights in each episode.” ~ Brandon Pindulic, OpGen Media

Acknowledging Brightpearl’s rapid growth over the last two years, as well as the rising profile of our CEO, Derek O’Carroll, the co-author of the Omnichannel Survival Guide and a recognized leading retail expert, Nathan reached out for O’Carroll to appear on the most recent episode on The Top.

Nathan invited Derek onto the podcast to get under the hood of our success, which has seen Brightpearl expanding to trade $1.8bn of business globally as well as fully cementing our position as an invaluable asset for mid-sized merchants seeking a competitive edge. 

The interview was an illuminating conversation between two SaaS experts. Nathan later noted that: “Out of the 800 CEOs I’ve spoken with for this podcast, I've enjoyed very few as much as the one with Derek.”

For those interested in a breakdown of our launch and growth, supported by real data, make sure you catch this 20 minute interview:

For more C-level insight from Nathan, check out his podcast here and you can also follow him on twitter at @NathanLatka - while our own Derek O’Carroll is at @DerekOCarroll. 

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About the Author

Mark Hook is Head of PR and Communications for Brightpearl, and can often be found coming up with creative ways to share our story with the wider world. Mark is passionate about the power of brand storytelling and how that can translate into business success. When he's not shopping for the latest fashion trends, he enjoys working with teams at Brightpearl and our many retail customers to drive awareness and connections with their audiences through varied media channels.