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Operational Efficiency

What is Inventory Management? Keeping Up with the Changing Retail Customer Experience

By Kim Owens on 29 July 2015

Financial Control, Customer Care

U.S. Retail Management: Are You Ready for Chip-and-Signature Cards?

By Kim Owens on 23 July 2015

Omnichannel, Customer Care

SMB Retailers: The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing

By Kim Owens on 07 July 2015


[Infographic] The Sales Potential for Cross-Border International Sales

By Kim Owens on 16 June 2015

Operational Efficiency, Omnichannel

How To Run a Site Audit as Part of Your SEO Strategy

By Kim Owens on 11 May 2015

Market Insight, Omnichannel

Fashion Business Influencers Cite Digital-Driven Changes

By Kim Owens on 08 May 2015


Embracing, Not Bracing for, Fashion’s New Season

By Kim Owens on 17 April 2015

Market Insight, Omnichannel

Google’s Next Power Play - Ranking Mobile-Readiness

By Kim Owens on 13 April 2015


The Disruption and Mobile Takeover of Fashion Commerce.

By Kim Owens on 08 April 2015

Market Insight, Omnichannel, Brick & Mortar

Fashion Brands Weigh In on the Future of the Store - SXStyle SXSW 2015

By Kim Owens on 26 March 2015


The Latest Social Selling Trends Impacting Retail

By Kim Owens on 24 February 2015

Customer Care

Using Data to Map the Customer Journey

By Kim Owens on 16 February 2015

Operational Efficiency, Omnichannel, Customer Care

Ringing in the New Year - 5 Ways to Prepare Your Retail Business for 2015

By Kim Owens on 05 December 2014


Why Major Retailers are Embracing the Growing Multichannel Trend

By Kim Owens on 26 November 2014