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Kenny Johnson

Kenny Johnson is a Product Marketing Manager at Brightpearl, focused on producing content to help customers get the most out of Brightpearl and the broader e-commerce landscape. Prior to Brightpearl, Kenny graduated from Stanford University with a Computer Science degree and worked as a sales engineer. His combination of sales and programming experience allows him to approach product conversations and problem-solving with a business and technical mindset. Kenny understands the complex technical aspects of software, but he is also able to teach people how to use products and effectively communicate business value.
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Recent Posts

How to Take Your Business Beyond Shop Doors with a Mobile POS

Written by Kenny Johnson on 19 May 2017

Tablet based point of sale is becoming the predominate solution for retail brick and mortar locations. And with good reason! Mobile point of sale hardware is relatively cheap when compared to fixed, proprietary hardware and allows for delightfully designed apps which can be up and running in minutes.

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Reduce Risks with EDI: The Top Tips for Success [Webinar]

Written by Kenny Johnson on 27 March 2017

Many small to mid-sized retailers shy away from implementing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) within their business, it’s often believed to be something only their larger competitors can benefit from. However, EDI is becoming increasingly popular with small to mid-sized retailers and it’s easy to see why.

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A retailer’s guide to selling on consignment

Written by Kenny Johnson on 18 October 2016

What is selling on consignment?

Selling on consignment is when vendors retain ownership of their products and contract with other retailers to store and sell those products. There are loads of articles (‘Selling products on consignment’, ’Consignment’ by Shopify, ‘11 tips when selling through consignment’) out there about consignment selling in traditional retail but barely any are focused on the consignment model in ecommerce. We will focus specifically on the benefits and costs of running a consignment model in ecommerce.

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