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Justine Cross

Justine Cross is the Content Marketing Executive at Brightpearl where she can be found writing away about all things retail and business related. Passionate about business success for retailers, she also spends her days thinking of new ideas for hot topics she thinks you'll love learning from and reading about.
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9 Ways You Can Optimize Your Retail Operations [Infographic]

Written by Justine Cross on 24 May 2017

Whether your current focus is on improving the supply chain, store layout, inventory management or pricing (including discounts and sales), it’s vital that your retail operations are in ship shape, to help keep your business functioning successfully and efficiently.

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Why is Inventory Management Important to Modern Retailers?

Written by Justine Cross on 24 April 2017

The retail industry is always constantly evolving and as a modern retailer, you need to be consistently adapting your strategies, workflows and processes to ensure you’re keeping up. This includes how you manage your inventory.

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Be Honest: How Well is Your Ecommerce Website Performing?

Written by Justine Cross on 13 April 2017

With online sales throughout the U.S, Canada and Western Europe expected to reach a total of $288.63 billion by the end of 2017 - an increase of 14.2% from last year alone - it’s safe to say that your ecommerce website is your treasure trove for omnichannel retail success.

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5 Actionable Tips for Your Omnichannel Retail Strategy

Written by Justine Cross on 05 April 2017

From brick and mortar stores to mobile phones, online shops and text message marketing, retail isn’t what it used to be. With so many different shopping avenues that a customer has access to before making a purchase; the question is no longer if you should adopt omnichannel selling strategies, but rather how to do so effectively.

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Maximize Your Retail Business Success: 10 Tips for a Great Ecommerce Website [Infographic]

Written by Justine Cross on 04 April 2017

Data from the Social Science Research Network has advised in the past that 65% of the population learn visually. This has since sparked a flurry of marketing and online debate based on visual learning and why infographics and images are speaking much louder volumes than just text alone. And with all of this debate happening throughout the world, we are very quickly being labelled as visual beings.

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5 Retail Best Practices for the Holiday Season

Written by Justine Cross on 09 October 2015

It’s October already -- where are the months disappearing to? No doubt you’ve been busy focusing on your holiday season sales for the past few weeks. Let’s face it, Black Friday and Christmas will be rolling around the corner any day now. So, what does this mean for you?

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