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Justin Press

Justin is currently VP of Customer Success & Brightpearl USA. He has worked in many areas of Brightpearl ranging from Product Design to Implementation. He has 15+ years experience delivering technology solutions to businesses of all sizes. Prior to Brightpearl, Justin managed teams and projects delivering Sage and other ERP solutions across varying sectors in EMEA; from retail to oil & gas. Justin's key focus is to optimize the process for delivering exceptional customer experiences post sale. He relocated to the US in 2016 in order to focus on serving Brightpearl's North American customers.
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Recent Posts

Returned Inventory: How to Have the Best Returns Process for Your Business

Written by Justin Press on 22 May 2017

With 89% of American shoppers claiming they would shop again from an online store if treated to a positive returns process, we know that streamlined and hassle-free returns are a great competitive differentiator. For the modern retailer focused on growth, a streamlined returned inventory process should not be an afterthought, but be at the forefront of any growth activities and strategies. So, how do you implement and improve your returns processes without reducing your margins?

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Returned Inventory: What do Your Customers Want & What do You Need?

Written by Justin Press on 12 May 2017

When planning for growth, it’s likely that you’re thinking about systems, process and people to deal with an increase in order volumes. Sadly, returns processing is generally an afterthought. This is the same for most modern retailers, who spend limited time thinking about how they can build a straightforward returned inventory process that results in a better experience for both the customer and themselves.

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