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Julie Stevens

Julie Stevens is Managing Director at Evenstone Ltd. Evenstone are accountants who specialise in helping people get the most out of their Brightpearl accounting through monthly support packages, ad-hoc services or training.
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Understanding Landed Costs & The Profit Margin Formula

Written by Julie Stevens on 12 October 2017

Understanding landed costs is essential for retailers looking to understand their gross margin and to ensure accurate profit analysis. Understanding the gross margin means that you can work out at what point you break even, and then how much profit you'll earn after you’ve reached your break even point. 

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Moving Away from Shoebox Accounting

Written by Julie Stevens on 20 August 2015

In the past, accounting used to be a black art that was carried out once a year by an accountant in a darkened room. You wouldn’t know the outcomes until long after the time had passed for you to be able to do anything useful with the results. Receipts and invoices were gathered together in a shoebox or carrier bag and carted off for analysis, coffee stains and all. With the advent of modern collaborative software and systems, this has all changed.

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4 Accounting Preparations You Need To Gain Investment in Your Retail Business

Written by Julie Stevens on 15 July 2015


So your retail business is up and running, and you’re making real steps forward. You’ve established that there’s a market for your product and you’ve got a fantastic team around you, but you’re quickly running out of cash. You need investment to continue the dream, and grow your business. Here’s how you’re going to make that happen...

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Important changes to VAT that every retailer should be aware of.

Written by Julie Stevens on 20 April 2015


As from 1st April 2015, HMRC changed the way that VAT on settlement discounts (also called prompt payment discounts) needs to be dealt with. So what does this mean for you?

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Top tips for your end of year taxes.

Written by Julie Stevens on 04 March 2015

The tax year end is coming up, and for a lot of people their company year end is too. Make sure that you are ahead of the game with the following tips.

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3 Key Accounting Measures to Monitor the Health of Your Business

Written by Julie Stevens on 11 February 2015

Getting your head around the complexities of accounting can be tough, but it can be massively rewarding to know a few key accounting measures that you can use to give you a quick overview of how healthy your business is. That's why we’ve worked with our partners Evenstone to put together the 3 most important accounting measures which you can use to better understand the health of your business:

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5 Key Reports Any Retailer Should Be On Top Of

Written by Julie Stevens on 14 January 2015

When you’re running a retail business, it is very easy to get caught up in the day-to-day operational issues and lose track of the bigger picture. There is always something urgent that needs to be dealt with – a customer query, a delivery that has gone missing or the next product launch to organise. As the business owner though, you need to be keeping an eye on the health and position of the business as a whole – are things going in the right direction? What do you need to be doing now to make life easier in the next six months? Which issues can be headed off before they actually arrive?

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The Top 5 Accounting Mistakes Brightpearl Helps You Avoid

Written by Julie Stevens on 22 January 2014

You can make faster, better business decisions to improve profits and cash flow with Brightpearl. By integrating your accounts with your orders and inventory you can get real-time revenue and profit analysis. Our clear, easy-to-access reports show you where you’re making money (and where you aren’t) by SKU, channel and customer.

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