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Duncan Clark

Duncan Clark has over ten years' experience working in analytics and product marketing roles, with a focus on translating data insights into usable information to drive business outcomes. He is a keen advocate of new technologies and has written extensively on how emerging technologies impact the experience of the consumer, and the way in which consumers and enterprises interact with one another.

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Retail Insights: July Sees Orders Up, But a Decline in Average Spending

Written by Duncan Clark on 25 August 2017

July's retail data sees UK and US orders up, but average spending down as customers' habits change. Here are the results at a glance:

  • Total number of orders increased by around 20% compared to last year (July 2016)
  • However, total order value increased by a more modest 4.4% in the UK and remains flat in the US
  • Meanwhile, the average order value (AOV) drops by 13% in the UK and 15% in the US as customers decide to place more individual orders, more frequently

Now let's take a look at these findings in more detail...

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