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Market Insight

What’s next for the luxury sector? Key learnings from the Luxury Redefined event

By Derek O'Carroll on 13 August 2018

Operational Efficiency, Market Insight

Try-Before-You-Buy Trend is Causing ‘Returns Tsunami’

By Derek O'Carroll on 30 April 2018

Market Insight

The Five Retail Trends That Almost Certainly, Probably Won't Happen in 2018

By Derek O'Carroll on 08 January 2018

Omnichannel, Infographic

Majority of Retailers Fail to Bridge Omnichannel Chasm [Infographic]

By Derek O'Carroll on 19 December 2017


Retail Cybersecurity and the Holiday Rush: Are You Prepared?

By Derek O'Carroll on 17 October 2017


Using the Data-Based Approach for Smart Holiday Season Preparation

By Derek O'Carroll on 10 October 2017

Financial Control, Operational Efficiency

Retailers: Why Knowing Your 6 Operational KPIs at Anytime, All the Time is Critical

By Derek O'Carroll on 25 September 2017

Operational Efficiency

Bots and Automation: The Keys to Riding Retail’s ‘Perfect Storm’

By Derek O'Carroll on 13 July 2017


Why Data Analysis and Automation are Critical to a Successful Flash Sale Strategy

By Derek O'Carroll on 04 July 2017


Why Today’s Retailers Can’t Afford Not to Migrate to the Cloud

By Derek O'Carroll on 07 June 2017

Operational Efficiency

When it Comes to Retail Innovation, Don't Put the Cart Before the Horse

By Derek O'Carroll on 08 May 2017

Operational Efficiency, Financial Control, Omnichannel

Cross Border Trade & Your Growth Strategy

By Derek O'Carroll on 20 October 2016

Omnichannel, Operational Efficiency, Customer Care, Financial Control

Here’s the #1 secret to retail success - top retailers spend more time selling

By Derek O'Carroll on 22 September 2016