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Derek O'Carroll

During the 1990’s Derek founded two IT companies. In 1994 he founded Adnet, Ireland’s first online advertising agency building database driven websites and offering SEO services. In 1999 he founded Vordel which became a leading provider of XML security solutions and was sold to Axway in 2012. Derek joined Brightpearl from Symantec where he held leadership positions across their Enterprise, Small Business and Consumer divisions for the past 10 years. Most recently, he served as Senior Vice President of field sales and marketing for Norton, responsible for $1.7bn of revenue globally.
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When it Comes to Retail Innovation, Don't Put the Cart Before the Horse

Written by Derek O'Carroll on 08 May 2017

It's easy to get enticed by the latest news on how artificial intelligence will revolutionize retail or how consumers are clamoring for AR-based mcommerce apps. While it’s smart to follow and track “the future of retail discussions”, it’s just as important to live in the now. SMEs need to ensure their business is running smoothly and profitably before spending capital and resources on touchscreen mirrors in changing rooms.

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Cross Border Trade & Your Growth Strategy

Written by Derek O'Carroll on 20 October 2016

Buying and selling internationally is a key growth strategy used by the most successful independent merchants. We can see from looking at our own customer base of retailers and wholesalers that sourcing products from overseas manufacturers directly or through marketplaces like Alibaba and then selling using ecommerce platforms is an increasingly important way they are growing their businesses.

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Here’s the #1 secret to retail success - top retailers spend more time selling

Written by Derek O'Carroll on 22 September 2016

This seems like an obvious statement doesn’t it? If you want to grow your retail business and make a long term success of it - it all comes down to selling more products to more people in more places. Of course it is I hear you say.

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