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Danielle Ricketts

Danielle Ricketts is the Copywriter and Social Media Executive at Brightpearl where she spends her time following her passions of writing, retail and social media. She can be found writing away about all things retail or engaging with followers online.
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March: In Review 2017

Written by Danielle Ricketts on 31 March 2017

Hello and welcome to March: In Review

February | January |  2016 In Review

The days are getting longer and the gloomy Winter days are officially behind us as Spring is finally here! As we say goodbye to March and get ready to take on April, we’re giving you one last chance to relive this month by recapping on the 5 hottest pieces of content. We’ve done the hard work by scrolling through news feeds, reading tonnes of blogs, and watching a variety of videos to find the best retail and ecommerce content to hit the internet in March! Here’s our pick of the best...

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February: In Review 2017

Written by Danielle Ricketts on 01 March 2017


January | 2016 In Review | November

The beginning of March? That can only mean one thing, it’s time to recap on the hottest retail, ecommerce and digital marketing news and advice to hit the internet last month. We’ve done the hard work for you by scrolling through tonnes of articles to find the best of the best. Here’s our pick of the top 5 pieces of content from February...

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10 Omnichannel Retail Strategies to Connect with Customers [Infographic]

Written by Danielle Ricketts on 20 February 2017

Connecting with customers has never been easier. The digital age offers a vast number of ways to reach and communicate with your audience. With the majority of shoppers experiencing multiple touch-points before buying, it’s important to show your presence across a number of channels and offer a consistent customer journey throughout. This infographic includes the top 10 omnichannel strategies your business should adopt.

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Understanding The Omnichannel Retail Customer Journey [Infographic]

Written by Danielle Ricketts on 09 February 2017

The way in which consumers buy from retailers is constantly changing and recently, it’s rapidly evolved with an increase in the adoption of omnichannel retail strategies. The customer journey has become less predictable. It’s become more difficult for merchants to offer the consistent and excellent customer experience that consumers expect.

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7 Reasons Retailers Love Brightpearl [Infographic]

Written by Danielle Ricketts on 07 February 2017

With the most romantic day of the year just around the corner, we asked a handful of customers to share their love for Brightpearl. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our amazing customers. We really value their opinion so we wanted to know what they love the most about Brightpearl.

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January: In Review 2017

Written by Danielle Ricketts on 31 January 2017

2016 In Review | November | October

January - the month in which retailers have to deal with the craze of January sales and post-holiday returns. As the first month of 2017 comes to an end and you plan for the year ahead, rewind and relax by taking a look at the best retail and ecommerce content to grace our screens in January!

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Less Risk, More Growth: 3 Technologies to Scale your Business in 2017 [Webinar]

Written by Danielle Ricketts on 24 January 2017


Running a retail business isn’t always easy. You come face-to-face with risks on a daily basis with some of the biggest threats including the risk of overselling due to inaccurate inventory, the chance of being the targeted by online fraudsters, and the possibility of struggling to accurately collect sales tax. If you’re focused on growth, it’s important to eliminate these risks so you can put your mind at ease and focus on the success of your retail business.

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Year In Review: 2016 Independent Retail Trends [Infographic]

Written by Danielle Ricketts on 12 January 2017

2017 is officially here so we’re taking a look back at how our customers performed in 2016. At Brightpearl, we’re fortunate enough to work with over 1,200 independent retailers from various different industries so we’ve analyzed their performance throughout the entire year.

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The 2017 Retail Calendar: Key dates you need to think about as a retail business in 2017

Written by Danielle Ricketts on 05 January 2017

As the new year kicks into full swing and you plan for the year ahead, knowing key dates and events which will impact your retail business can make your life so much easier. It will give you the time to strategically plan for more sales, more profit and a more successful 2017. To help you plan for a prosperous year ahead, download this free 2017 Retail Calendar.

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November: In Review 2016

Written by Danielle Ricketts on 01 December 2016

Hello and welcome to November: In Review.

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