Hello and welcome to April: In Review.

This month, as we continue to cut through the click bait and bland content, we have picked out 5 content gems for your reading pleasure.

Having a peek at some of the most interesting, informative and important content from around the web this month, we’ll be keeping the focus on retail, ecommerce and digital marketing.

As always we welcome your questions and comments, and promise to respond warmly in next month’s In Review.

1. Blog: 12 illuminating ecommerce stats from January-March 2015.

If you’re an online retailer, this blog post is a must-read.

Covering everything from statistics on how well UK online retail sales are doing in 2015 (exceptionally well), to infographics on the impact personalisation can have on conversion rates, this post really digs into the best of ecommerce and marketing.

Check it out now.

2. Infographic: The Business Case for Social Selling.

With many still disputing the true impact of social media, this infographic presents a calm and convincing case, highlighting the power social holds for smart businesses.

This clear and informative infographic by Hubspot takes a look at the power of social selling in 2015. Peeking forward through the next 12 months, it highlights the rapid growth of social selling, presenting some jaw dropping statistics and some convincing quotes on seeing past the lead-value alone.

3. Good news!: 2015 could be best year for consumer spending in 10 years.

What better news as a retailer than to hear that consumers are spending again?

This story by Retail Gazzette highlights the findings of the quarterly Deloitte Consumer Tracker, which was aptly titled “A spring in their step?”

Looking at the level of confidence around household incomes, this article suggests the foundations are in place for a huge consumer recovery and a rise in spending as a result.

This is good news for retailers, who will be welcoming the development with open arms.

4. Announcement: Businesses on Messenger.

Towards the end of last month, Facebook rather quietly announced that they are taking steps to bring businesses on to Messenger. Their aim being to begin “enhancing how people and businesses communicate.”

The addition will allow businesses to add Messenger to certain parts of the check-out flow, with the aim of increasing conversions using sales tactics throughout the process. It also allows people to start a conversation with an otherwise faceless business and build up a strong communicative relationship with them.

As well as aiding the in-sale communication, businesses on Messenger will be able to use the app post-sale too. This allows businesses to update the customer on orders, with shipping updates and order confirmations, as well as providing a channel for the customer to ask questions about their order.

Whilst still only being rolled out to one or two businesses for testing, this transformation could be revolutionary for enhancing brand identity and loyalty, as well as making a positive impact on conversions and support.

Definitely one to keep an eye on if you’re a growing retailer.

5. Webinar: Data Driven Touch Point Marketing for Customer Service and Increased Conversions.

That title is quite a mouthful isn’t it!? But in order to really excel as a brand or retailer you really must grasp the importance and strategy needed to nail your marketing and customer service.

That’s why we teamed up with marketing experts cloud.IQ to deliver this exciting new webinar.

Speaking with Lotty Cumming, Kath Pay and Ti Osnat, we dig into how and when to interact with prospects and customers with the ultimate aim of increasing your conversions and delivering better customer service.

Check out the webinar below!



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