7 Essential Amazon Selling Tips [Infographic]

With over 310 million active customers using Amazon, it’s important to get this side of your business running as efficiently as possible.

The colorful infographic below lists the seven essential Amazon selling tips you need to know, and what kind of results you could achieve when you get it right:

7 Essential Amazon Selling Tips [Infographic]

7 Essential Amazon Selling Tips

For those of you who would rather read the tips in word form (minus the infographic), here is a recap of the Amazon selling tips and results you could achieve if you implement them.

1. Get to grips with Amazon SEO

Investigate which keywords your competitors are using and which ones you also want to rank for, and include them in your listing titles, subtitles, descriptions and image alt text. You can also power up your SEO efforts by using Amazon’s Keyword Tool, as well as specialist tools like KWFinder and Ahrefs.

2. Use Fulfillment by Amazon

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) allows you to drastically reduce the time you spend fulfilling and shipping orders, as well as save space in the warehouse. FBA also enables you to appear in Prime-filtered searches, which typically have much higher conversion rates than products not eligible for Prime delivery.

3. Increase conversions with the Buy Box

Strive for fast shipping and less errors so that you have more opportunity for appearing in Amazon’s ‘Buy Box’. Did you know that 82% of desktop purchases and 90% of mobile purchases are via the Amazon Buy Box? This is why it's so important to work on your efficiency in order to win the box. Automation technology, which can automate common workflows for you, including order fulfillment, shipping and invoicing should be at the forefront of your strategy.

4. Strive for quantity and quality in your reviews

Aim for a healthy balance of both quantity and quality in your reviews by asking customers who are raving about your products elsewhere to leave you a review on Amazon. And don’t forget to leave a small number of average reviews mixed in with the good so that your listing looks more trustworthy.

5. Master the art of branding

In order to win sales on this competitive marketplace, you’ll need to stand out from the crowd! Research your target audience and what interests them, and ensure your product photos, pricing, product description, listing title and reviews all emanate what your target audience are looking for.

6. Integrate Amazon with your business systems

Not all back-office and business systems integrate with Amazon fully, or within house. However, it’s crucial that you have this functionality. With orders flowing through a single back-office solution, inventory levels updated in real-time, business accounting handled efficiently, and automatic SKU-SKU connection, you’ll reduce admin time, eliminate errors and prove yourself as a worthy Amazon seller.

7. Act on sales reports findings

You should regularly report on your Amazon sales to establish how well the marketplace is working for you, and how it’s faring in different territories if you’re selling across borders. This is where powerful systems integrations will also help by automating the accounting process, ensuring you spend more time analyzing your sales, instead of consolidating data.

Examples of Amazon Selling Success

Merchants using Brightpearl have mastered all of these Amazon selling tactics and more, enabling them to achieve some incredible results on this popular marketplace:

  • 24 hour delivery (100% of merchants shipping over 10k orders per year)
  • Same or next day invoicing (100% of merchants shipping over 10k orders per year)
  • 26.8% growth in Amazon order volume (in 2017 versus 2016)
  • Orders with defects are typically under 0.2% on average - significantly better than the 2.5% Amazon target!

"With the help of Brightpearl, we’ve grown over 34% and do 90% of our sales through Amazon. Now that we’re operationally stable, our focus is to grow the business even further.” - Justin Essler, General Manager, Giantnerd


There’s no doubt that Amazon is a highly competitive marketplace to sell on. But a reliable back-office system that can fully support your Amazon sales and inventory availability will be a truly valuable asset to your business and enable you to achieve phenomenal results against your competitors.

Want more Amazon selling tips? Take a look at this best practice article.

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