So your business is growing, and you understand the value of emailing your customers, but in order to get going you are looking for some quality email marketing advice. The step into email marketing can be daunting, but with these email marketing tips you'll grasp the dos and don’ts of email marketing in no time, saving you time and helping you to accelerate your business growth.

Email marketing tip 1

Do: Have a clear strategy for your email marketing.
Don’t: Sporadically wing it and see where you end up.

Having a long and short-term purpose to your emails will allow you to set clear objectives and track the success of your campaigns. For example, you have an exciting new downloadable key dates calendar on your website, which you want to make available for people (short-term) in order to increase brand exposure and site visits (medium-term), to drive up sales (long-term).

Armed with this direction, you will be able to keep the email concise and focussed by driving them towards the short-term objective, preventing readers from becoming confused by having too many messages, whilst achieving your goals. Creating an email calendar, and being clear about your objectives can be useful when learning how to do email marketing.

Email marketing tip 2

Do: Have a clear and focussed CTA
Don’t: Fail to include CTAs, or include too many different CTAs 

One of the best email marketing tips to bear in mind regards proper use of Calls to Actions (CTA). CTA’s turn an email into a portal. They are the difference between an engaged reader and a skimming bypasser. By adding your CTA, e.g. “Download Calendar Here” once above the fold (the space visible without scrolling), and once or twice below the fold, you’ll ensure the direction the email is signposting is clear, and will remove any reader anxiety about clicking through.

Most people spend only a few seconds scanning each email, and if you’ve been lucky enough to captivate their interest, the last thing you want to do is confuse them. Including too many different CTA’s (both variants of the same destination, and different destinations) can create a certain paralysis of choice. More options divide attention and often result in no clicks.

Email marketing tip 3

Do: Design responsive and personalised emails.
Don’t: Batch-spend clunky promotions.

Bill Cosby once said “I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody." This rule applies perfectly to email. Greeting your contact by their name, and having content segmented to match their interests, locale, or past purchases not only shows professionalism, but increases engagement.

Similarly, if you’re not optimising your emails for email then you’re instantly setting yourself up for failure. With at least 43% of emails opened on a mobile or tablet, having an email too wide for a mobile screen will negatively affect engagement with your emails.

Email marketing tip 4

Do: Respect email marketing laws.
Don’t: Damage your company credibility.

Email marketer or not, everybody hates spam.

Make sure your campaigns are going out to customers who gave you permission to be on a list, and that you are delivering the kind of content that they were expecting. Not only will this be better for your conversion rates, but it will also ensure that the reputation of your organisation remains untarnished.

Similarly if people want to unsubscribe, there should be a clear option in the header or the footer of your email for them to opt-out. Not only is not including one against the law, but it will lead to more hard bounces and damage your stats.

Email marketing tip 5

Do: Test, test, test.
Don’t: Go with your ‘gut feeling’.

Most softwares have an option for A/B testing your subject lines, some have more complicated split testing options, and with some you will have to test manually. You may love the ring of that subject line you thought up, but if it doesn’t perform better against other options by translating into opens and clicks then ditch it. A subject line especially should be tested, because as frustrating as testing sounds there is nothing more frustrating than having no one open your email. Add testing time into your plan, and don’t fall into the trap of ‘going with your gut’.

Likewise, when tracking your reporting metrics be sure to be responsive to things which aren’t working, and include more of what is. Testing is a one of the most logical email marketing tips and can unlock massive potential for your marketing efforts, yet so many rush past this step early on in their email marketing journey.

Email marketing tip 6

Do: Provide interesting and relevant content.
Don't: Use email as an advertising board. 

You’ve managed to get people interested enough to sign up to your mailing list, well done. Now, reward your followers with quality content - don’t blare advertisements at them around the clock. Building a relationship with your maillist is more important than a quick sale. Offer a promotion or exclusive discount codes to those who sign up, but try to hold off on the megaphone-style sales pitch.

By providing useful content and building reputation for being knowledgeable and good at what you do means people will look forward to your emails. Be honest with yourself - nobody is likely to stick around if they gain nothing from doing so.

There it is, you’re all set to step up your email marketing game in light of these email marketing dos and don’ts. Apply these email marketing tips to your next campaign and you’ll soon see the benefits. If you have any email marketing advice to add, or if you’ve found this list helpful comment below - we’d love to hear from you!

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