Product images are crucial for online retailers. Product descriptions undoubtedly help but it is high quality professional images that play a key role in landing those all-important sales. According to research from Amazon, images improve the overall experience for customers, as it is easier for shoppers to find, evaluate and purchase products. Don’t want to get left behind? Here’s what you need to know to stay one step ahead of your rivals.

It’s all about the quality

For most online marketplaces, images are not just an optional extra; they are an absolute necessity. Without superior images to showcase your products, you’re not even in the race. There is a proven link between high quality images and sale conversions. eBay is a prime example of this, with listings featuring professional quality images being 5% more likely to sell than those that forgo this*

4 simple tips that will help you increase your sales!

You know the value of a high quality image but what’s the best way to go about this?

1. Lose the clutter

Keep the focus on the product and show off its strengths without taking attention away from it with lots of propping. Accessories are not needed and can actually be counterproductive.

2. Fill the space

Make sure that your product images are large and clear which is the professional way to go. Ideally, aim for your product to be filling around 85% of the image space. Anything less than this can be hugely off-putting for consumers - especially those who are viewing on an iPhone.

3. Optimize the size

Both eBay and Amazon require marketplace images to be at least 500 pixels in width. You don’t need to stick to this guideline though. Opting for 1200 pixels or above will encourage the zoom feature to be utilized on most marketplaces so that consumers can get a more in-depth look at your product. For optimum results, 1600 pixels will give you the best chance of conversions.

4. Keep your image background white

Amazon require all main marketplace images to be on a completely white background (Hex #FFFFFF or RGB 255-255-255). This allows them to fit in perfectly with the search and item detail pages.

Technically speaking, this does not need to be the case with additional images uploaded to the Amazon marketplace and the likes of eBay and Google do not specify this at all. White backgrounds will look more professional across all marketplaces though. They look better on mobile devices and are a more traditional and trusted format.

Amazon, eBay and Google Shopping product image guidelines

 Product Image Guide  eBay  Amazon  Google Shopping 
 Minimum pixel dimension on longest side  500  500 (apparel 1001)  800
 Ideal longest side  1600+ (1000 upwards activates zoom)

 2000+ (1200 upwards activates zoom)

 Background Colour  Light & Plain  Pure white  N/A
 % of frame product to fill  80-90  85  N/A
 Borders  No  No  No
 Logos  No  No  No
 Text  No  No  No

 Yes company name only 5% area at 50% opacity

 No  No
 Mannequins  Yes  No  Yes

These days, product images are no longer just an add-on; customers expect to see them and can avoid making a purchase if professional, quality images are not present. They significantly improve consumer faith, which in turns has a positive effect on potential conversions. Investing a little bit more time and effort into producing high quality product images can go a long way towards improving your sales.

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*Likelihood to sell based on an eBay study that reviewed 6.8 million listings that resulted in an increase in 4.5% more sales over this period; “better photo quality” defined as photos that measure 500 or greater pixels on the longest side, do not have added text or graphics, and are uploaded to eBay picture service. Individual results may vary and results assume that sellers do not increase the item price while making these changes.

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