The potential which eBay offers for both sellers and consumers is immense, but the challenges retailers face in this super competitive environment are equal to it. These 3 Kickass eBay tips will set you up to make money on eBay, but if you want more check out the free white paper for heaps more advice from industry experts.

To earn success on eBay, it is important to have a clear sense of product and self-awareness. These 3 eBay tips begin to build a picture of just how competitive eBay is compared to many other channels, and if your business is not prepared to be responsive to the market, it will fail to make money on eBay.

So what do you need in order to succeed in such a merciless channel? We worked with some eBay pros to put together these 3 kickass eBay tips:

1. Know your market, know yourself.

Diving straight in and listing your products without consideration of the others in the market is a waste of time and effort.

Be clear about what competitors are listing, their pricing and descriptions, as well as working out whether it is being well received. When you list your product you want to capture or sway these customers to yourself, so offer similarities for the sake of recognition, and variations which make you stand out.

Whether it be price, design, or quality customer service, knowing what others are doing and knowing what you can do better than them will transform any eBay store into a success. To read more detailed eBay tips download our white paper now.

2. Follow the money.

You may really love that shiny gold unicorn mug, but if it’s not making you as much money as the plain white teacup, shift money away from it.

Invest in what the market is fond of, not with what you are fond of.

It’s basic business sense, but being responsive on eBay is the difference between success and failure. For more detailed information, and to help you to stay on top of the competition, check out the whitepaper “38 Kickass eBay Tips” now.

3. Get the title right.

You can spend hours crafting the perfect product descriptions and getting beautiful images of your products (learn how here), but if your title isn’t captivating or accurate then your product will be disregarded immediately.

It’s important too, to remember how people will search for your product. Customers are highly unlikely to type in “Lovely green teeshirt with funny dog picture - ideal for casual days”, so don’t title it so. Get in the mind of the buyer and test out more ‘write-able’ titles. Read more about how you can optimise your titles here.

Now that you’ve familiarised yourself with how to make money on eBay with these 3 kickass eBay tips, check out our free white paper “38 kickass eBay tips to help you make more money online” to find out more, and to gain some real practical advice for getting it right. 

Have you got any other tips for multichannel retailers? What techniques work for you on eBay? We’d love to hear from you below - just drop us a comment.

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