Marketing has changed greatly over the past 5 years. More and more businesses turn to content marketing and its various forms in hopes of appeasing search engines and the potential audience. However, in this trend adoption whirlpool of various marketing techniques a lot of businesses forget about the basics.

Merchandising has always been around ever since someone tried to sell something. And there’s a reason for that. Merchandising works. That’s why large chain stores, like Target pay a lot of attention to it. So much that they even have a thing called ‘merchandising authority’.

The following Magento extensions present great value for your merchandising efforts. Be sure to give them a try. Read on to find out how exactly these can help your revenue growth.

Strands Recommender

I guess there’s no need to prove that a good salesperson is someone who knows the audience that they’re selling to. This is exactly what this extension does - it learns about your visitors and buyers and then creates personalised recommendations for these people, based on what they have viewed and/or purchased in your store.

As a byproduct of this process, you received detailed and informative customer profiles, which can also be used for targeted email campaigns, also available via this extension.

The process is automatic, so the most time consuming thing about using this extension is the installation, which is also pretty easy.

This extension also shows how effective your cross- and up-selling techniques are, with a detailed breakdown by revenue. Want to find out more about your ideal user segment? Recommender can also help you with that.

Price Optimization by Wiser

If you’re working in a competitive eCommerce niche, then you understand the importance of competitive intelligence. If you’re selling something that a dozen of other online stores has then it’s important to have a competitive pricing policy, if otherwise there’s no way to differentiate from the rest of the market. With thousands of items in stock, there’s no practical way to do this manually.

Luckily, this great extension from Wiser will do everything for you. All you have to do is set up the rules for pricing and the extension will automatically change your prices in accordance with those rules. For example, you always want all of your items to be priced lower, compared to your top competitors, by 5%. Easy with this great extension.

Not to mention, that there are other great features, like ‘ideal price’, where the extension offers you the most suitable price for any product in stock to optimize the conversions.

Altima Lookbook

Visual appeal is an important aspect of a product. It’s good when your customers can imagine how exactly the purchase will fit their lifestyle and surroundings. Your job, as a retailer, is to show them the product in the best possible manner. That’s why top online retailers have at least 3-4 images for each product that they sell. When there’s no way to touch and feel the product, it’s important to provide as much visual input, as possible, to facilitate the decision making process.

Lookbook offers a unique way of presenting your products in their natural surrounding, which allows your customers to actually visualize them in a unique and highly appealing manner. If you’re selling LCD flatscreen TVs, it’s better to show them in an appealing interior than on a simple white background.

This could be your product, beautifully integrated in a great set. Of course, it’s up to you to create these images and make them pop. And the Lookbook will do everything possible to make these images work, like interactive sales pages. Absolutely great, if you’re selling household items, decor and/or clothes.

All these extensions should work great with online businesses of any scale, as they’re reliable and easily scalable, as proven by thousands of users.

Have you tried any of the mentioned extensions? Do you have a favorite merchandising extension? Share them in the comments sections below!

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