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Customer Care

How Online Reviews Can Lead To Better Business Results

By Flora Frichou on 15 August 2019

Customer Care, Infographic

The Power of Customer Reviews [Infographic]

By Mark Hook on 31 July 2019

Customer Success Stories

3 Retail Brands Killing It With Great Reviews

By Derek O'Carroll on 10 July 2019

Customer Success Stories

This is How Brightpearl Sparks Customer Loyalty For Multi-Brand Retailer, Love Shopping Direct [Video]

By Mark Hook on 01 July 2019

Market Insight

Breaking Down the Panel: Expert Insights on the Rise of the Review Culture  

By Mark Hook on 19 June 2019

Customer Care

Rise of the Review Culture: The Latest Industry Insights From Brightpearl & Trustpilot

By Justine Cross on 14 June 2019

Customer Care

Innovating Like Amazon! The Tech Stack You Need to Ace the Online Customer Experience

By Justine Cross on 31 May 2019

What's New at Brightpearl

How dotdigital Helps Brightpearl Clients Drive Omnichannel Customer Engagement

By Margareta Retsnik on 15 May 2019

Customer Success Stories

This is How Premium Eyewear Brand, Finlay London, Made its DTC Transition Fast and Frictionless [Video]

By Mark Hook on 10 April 2019

Financial Control

The Latest On Economic Nexus & How New Sales Tax Laws Affect You

By Colin Stansbury on 18 March 2019

Customer Care

4 Innovative Tactics to Learn More About Your Customers

By Jake Fabbri on 13 March 2019


Joining the Dots: How To Achieve a Fast & Frictionless Experience Across the Entire Customer Journey

By Justine Cross on 05 March 2019

Market Insight

3 Experts Reflect on the Direct-to-Consumer Trend

By Justine Cross on 04 February 2019

Operational Efficiency, Market Insight

‘CRaP’ Products: The Latest Amazon Acronym Sweeping the Web

By Justine Cross on 23 January 2019