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Expert Advice on Getting Mobile-Ready for Your Peak Season

Written by Phoebe Haig on 19 September 2017

This guest article comes to you from JH, an ecommerce digital agency specializing in bespoke Magento solutions.

At JH, we’ve been recognized by Magento as leading the way in responsive mobile design and development. We’ve won the Magento Imagine Award two years running in this category, and this year, we’ve continued to earn this reputation as the go-to experts in this area, with every site built for clients being fully responsive, as well as our first Mobile Apps going live.

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FIFO vs LIFO - Which is Best?

Written by Tony Smith on 14 September 2017

When dealing with stock and inventory valuation, there are three main options: LIFO (Last in First out), FIFO (First in First out) and AVCO (Average Cost or Weighted Cost). When deciding which of these is best for your retail business, it depends on how you would like stock values reflected in your accounting for cost of goods sold and how you deal with inventory.

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5 Things Indie Retailers Can Learn from Their Big Box Competitors

Written by Nicole Leinbach Reyhle on 12 September 2017

A few years ago, few people would have predicted that in 2017, customers would again see the value of shopping with independent businesses. Yet that’s exactly what’s happening. Since Generation Z prefers shopping with brands which seem authentic and Millennials love a brand which improves their community, there has never been a better environment for independent retailers to compete with big box stores.

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Highlights from Autumn Fair 2017

Written by Danielle Ricketts on 08 September 2017

The Spring and Autumn Fair events are one of the largest wholesale trade events for the home and gift industries. The show highlights new products, showcases top brands, offers retail insight, and aims to give you the inspiration you need for your business.

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Global Retailer, Open 24 Seven Seek Innovation Through Automation

Written by Justine Cross on 04 September 2017

With the retail industry becoming more and more competitive by the day, retailers everywhere are seeking new ways to improve efficiencies, speed up processes and strive ahead of their competitors through unique innovation.

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August: In Review 2017

Written by Danielle Ricketts on 31 August 2017

Hello and welcome to August: In Review

July | June | May

It’s the end of August already, which can only mean one thing: it’s time for our monthly roundup of the hottest retail and ecommerce stories to hit the web. Before you jump straight into September, take a look at our 4 favorite picks of the month including Amazon Transit Time changes, an interactive peak season quiz, ecommerce returns management advice and global ecommerce markets statistics.

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Sales Tax on Shipping Charges in the U.S., Demystified

Written by Jennifer Dunn on 29 August 2017

Selling products online in the United States can be very complex due to all fifty states (and the District of Columbia) each having different rules and regulations for sales tax. 

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Retail Insights: July Sees Orders Up, But a Decline in Average Spending

Written by Duncan Clark on 25 August 2017

July's retail data sees UK and US orders up, but average spending down as customers' habits change. Here are the results at a glance:

  • Total number of orders increased by around 20% compared to last year (July 2016)
  • However, total order value increased by a more modest 4.4% in the UK and remains flat in the US
  • Meanwhile, the average order value (AOV) drops by 13% in the UK and 15% in the US as customers decide to place more individual orders, more frequently

Now let's take a look at these findings in more detail...

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Selling on Amazon: A Retailer's Guide to European VAT

Written by Tony Smith on 23 August 2017

In the modern age of ecommerce, the world is your customer. Whether you sell that must have fashion accessory or an exciting niche product, selling online gives you the opportunity to get your goods out to millions of customers and not just on the high street. However, when selling to online shoppers via marketplaces like Amazon, you will face a new level of complexity that you should be aware of.

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Sage vs Brightpearl: A Battle of the Implementations

Written by Chris Tanner on 21 August 2017

Choosing new retail business management software is only the start of your journey to becoming a better retailer. Implementing it deeply into all aspects of your business is key to success. For a fully-integrated software platform to do its job properly, your whole team need to be using it. In this article, we’ll see how implementation of Sage ERP and Brightpearl differ.

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